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MyOutDesk brings to our clients – Vendor Love!  Discounts on the products and services that we need during the crisis!  Sorry, we can’t help with toilet paper! :)

In 2018 only 5% of America worked from home, today that number is more than 50%! 


Vendor Love:
The CE Shop: Innovating Career Education


This week, our featured company offer is The CE Shop! The CE Shop provides an educational experience that enhances the lives of professionals in real estate and the communities they serve. 

Here is the thing, it’s our civic duty to stay productive, continue to provide our service/products to our clients, and add value to our communities. If you need help or want to explore some ideas, book a Schedule a free Thrive Strategy Call today.  


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Offer: FREE Course: Doing Business During COVID-19


Is the COVID-19 pandemic going to be a rehash of 2008? How do I keep transactions on track if I’m under a shelter-in-place order? Is real estate considered an essential service? What if there’s a lockdown? Can I still do showings? What about open houses?

This brief course is designed to help you answer these questions so you can conduct business safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, and so you can put clients’ minds at ease. Business as usual? Nope. But it’s still business.


  • Definition of COVID-19 terms
  • How REALTOR® Associations are responding
  • Busting COVID-19 myths
  • Where to find up to date, authoritative data
  • Charts and graphs you can share with your clients that put this in perspective
  • Staying in touch during social distancing
  • How to answer the question: “Is real estate still happening?”
  • Doing business when it’s not business as usual



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