From Real Estate to Cannabis: An Entrepreneur’s GROWTH Mindset through Virtual Assistants

By: Jeremy | Updated: May 29, 2020


It’s Here: Virtual Assistants for the CANNABIS Industry


Here are the trends: The legal cannabis industry is reported at 78% growth, year by year.

  • Marijuana retail is an “essential service” in many states (great for prolonged shelter-in-place orders)
  • Medical & recreational marijuana has inelastic demand (the business is recession-proof)
  • Weed delivery is in high demand, seeing a 65% percent spike in March 2020 alone.


MyOutDesk Gets Into The Weed Business

Since the shelter-in-place orders, cannabis sales have only INCREASED. If you need help, or want to explore some ideas, schedule a free Business Strategy Call today.  


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How virtual assistants are helping the cannabis industry:

Handling the influx/growth + scaling business

Tony Trinh is an impressive entrepreneur, real estate professional, investment adviser, business consultant, and a dedicated community activist based in the Bay Area. He has a proven track record of leading large and small scale companies throughout the Bay Area and Northern California for the last 15 years!

The marijuana industry is growing quickly & highly profitable. If you’re curious about how to succeed and scale-up in the competitive cannabis industry, speak to one of our business strategists today!  

Today, MyOutDesk CEO Daniel Ramsey has the honor of interviewing Tony Trinh of Fresh Mint, LLC.

Here’s the scoop: Fresh Mint is a cannabis delivery service based in Oakland, CA, serving four Bay Area counties (San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sunnyvale) since 2017.

3 Businesses & THRIVING – with his Virtual Assistant


His secret to managing THREE of his companies today… A MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant. 

Tony’s virtual assistant has been instrumental in three of Tony’s businesses (real estate + cannabis delivery + cannabis business consulting).

As Tony shared, much of his success comes from knowledge found in the #1 bestseller, Scaling Your Business With Virtual Professionals.


#1 International Best Seller: Scaling Your Business With MOD Virtual Professionals

You can get a free copy of the book, along with a free Business Strategy consultation.
Strategize about what it looks like to have a virtual assistant in the cannabis world.


How Virtual Assistants are Helping Cannabis Businesses Gain Market Share

Originally hired as a general administrative assistant, here are all the INDISPENSABLE functions that Tony’s Virtual Assistant allows the business to make quicker + more informed decisions.


Your Cannabis Business Virtual Assistant can take on:

  • As the go-to administrative support assistant
  • As the default note-taker for all business meetings
  • Compiling all reports (KPIs, sales, customer demographics, employee performance)
  • Helping + organizing all managers
  • All digital marketing, flyers, templates, website maintenance, blogs, & ads
  • Fulfillment, logistics, & customer service


8 Marijuana Virtual Assistant Candidates, No Sweat

“We went through at least 8 candidates & interviews”

Tony SAVED valuable time, allowing MyOutDesk to recruit and organize 20-30 minute interviews, recruitment ads, phone screening, interviews, background checks, personality profiles, and final interviews.

Not only can a Virtual Assistant help you, but the ENTIRE cannabis business team.

“Why didn’t we do this two years earlier?” shares Tony when asked about how much he’s appreciated his MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant. “If you’re thinking about it, just go for it. We paid off in a month.” If you need help, or want to explore some ideas, book a Schedule a free Business Strategy Call today.  


MyOutDesk can save you up to 70% on employment costs
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Pros & Cons of Cannabis Business – 2020
  • Seeing all the sales growth every month.
  • A strong sense of community, even with colleagues as engineers, accountants, as real estate.
  • Fast-paced can scale with the right talent, such as virtual assistants.


  • Competition in the black market
  • Not being able to bank at a normal bank
  • The biggest challenge facing legal cannabis is taxes. Price points are still a big factor in sales. Need to compete against other delivery services still selling black market products.