Gregory Charlop says that Real Estate is at a crossroads. Without the right digital strategy in place, your real estate business won’t be able to adapt to today’s world & remain competitive. In this compelling interview, the host of “The Real Estate Flash” makes a case for how the digital age has changed the face of modern business and gives you tactically practical advice for selling homes in a digital world. Learn how your business can adapt to thrive in today’s tumultuous real estate economy.

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If real estate is really at a crossroads, then it’s important to know how to rethink your strategy business to adapt to this digital world that is changing almost everything about how people interact, purchase and exist. The real estate industry is in a constant state of flux, especially today with the massive infusion of capital, the technology advances, the changing consumer behavior, and the launching of new business models. So it is the perfect time to step back and look at how best to adapt to the changing business environment.

Gregory Charlop is a physician and the CEO of Visionary Remodels. His company employs artificial intelligence and augmented reality to help real estate agents prepare homes for sale. He is passionate about senior housing and is working to create affordable homes for the elderly. In addition, he’s writing a book about real estate technology due out in Fall 2018. Check out his daily Alexa show, The Real Estate Flash.

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