Stop chasing and begin attracting the right customers. Here is how to get attraction marketing in four simple steps. 


It’s simple, attraction marketing is where people or businesses seek out products or services that could add value to their life or business on their own, by referral, or by search.

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Remember, this isn’t about you. If you are out there in the world shouting from the rooftops about “Me, myself, and I”, this is your first mistake. 

“How you attract people is by making it about them and what you can do for them. Or how you can make their life or business better or what problem you can solve. That’s how you attract people.” – Cari Heibel-Briner, President of Freedom Coaching

It’s all about what you can do for others. Rather, how can you help your people?

You must figure out the problems you solve, how it benefits them, and develop messaging that communicates this that anyone can understand. 


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Master the message and how you can be consistent with this message is essentially for attraction marketing as it tells people who you are, what you do and how it benefits others very quckly. 

Let’s take a real estate company for example. A fantastic value proposition for a real estate professional who focuses on seller clients would be: “I help people get more money in less time when selling their home”. Conclusively, this is an extremely simple and powerful way to tell people what you do and how you can help in less than 10 seconds.


Here is a quick and easy formula, “I help (who is your ideal customer), to get this benefit (the client wins), doing what for the client (industry/product/service)?

Pool Construction Company:  I help homeowners create their dream backyards, with energy-efficient pools. 

What are the key elements of a Value Proposition?

Your ideal client should be climbing over the table to say, “I want it”, “where do I sign”, “how can I get some”, or “I’m ready!”

If that isn’t their response, you’ve gotta go back to the drawing board.


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If you haven’t achieved good levels of attraction marketing, it may be because you are trying to speak to everyone and are not being true to your authentic self. Unfortunately, not enough people know who you are and that’s why some entrepreneurs are forced to go out and chase business.

Find your tribe.

Facebook groups, Clubhouse clubs, Linkedin groups, Telegram groups, there are many places where people go to be a part of something that piques their interest. Thus, your people are out there! You just have to find them.

Start building the relationships that will be the bedrock for attraction marketing for your business.

  • Choose a platform & community you are genuinely interested in that can also benefit from your service
    • Example. A lawyer who loves motorcycle riding could find a motorcycle enthusiasts group!
  • What content are you sharing and where?
    • What content will help serve this audience?
  • Do you have something of value to give away for free?
    • E-Book
    • Course
    • Document Template
    • Anything that can be of use to your audience but not a detriment to your business, be creative!
  • Go offline
    • What are some groups or meet-ups locally that are of interest to you?

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What are some habits that can help you be consistent in continuing to deliver on these?

As you transition from chaser to attractor, there is also a personal transformation that needs to happen. Indeed, the transformation to attraction marketing is going from ‘Entrepreneurial’ to ‘Strategic’.

You need a strategy in place that can allow you to be consistent in delivering your message week after week. Secondly, building a schedule that fits your lifestyle and business needs for weekly planning, messaging, and measuring success.


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Once attraction marketing has begun to build and results are coming in, it then becomes about managing and improving the process. It’s vitally important to create standard operating procedure documentation around this process. Furthermore, you can identify which parts, or the entirety of this process, to delegate to an employee.

When that happens, you are ready to hire a Marketing Virtual Assistant to manage these procedures.

This will free up time to focus on other important aspects of business or life while your revenues continue to grow.

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