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MyOutDesk CEO Daniel Ramsey sits with Kirky Galt in an innovative, new podcast called, RE EXEC TL | Executive Success and Growth Stories.

A brisk new podcast featuring entertaining, insightful, and informative interviews with thought leaders in executive management in the real estate industry.

Exploring topics and perspectives regarding:

  • Industry regulation: environmental, financial, and monetary policy.
  • Economic and social trends leading to where we’re at and the outlook on where we’re headed in the 2020s.
  • Paths to executive success in strategic management in the real estate industry.
  • Inspirational stories and spoken case studies (executive background and successful campaigns).
  • What marketing channels are proving most effective in targeting and converting real estate business, consumer, and investment prospects.
  • Strategies to build a rooted brand position and compelling unique value proposition.
  • and much more value-add content for real estate executives on the go.

We get into how brokers can build a culture remotely, develop systems, position their brands, and scale their businesses.


Kirky Galt, CEO and Creative Director of Creative Real Estate Copy. Kirky has extensive experience and education in marketing, real estate, business, strategic planning, green building, and finance. He’s a real estate broker whose focus is on investment and sustainability. As a creative professional, Kirky brings a passion for art and music to business, marketing, and design.


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