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Like most business owners, the past quarter went by as a complete crash course for many.
You can get past the hurdle as we did & see profits again using our free & timely resources.

Get them below:

  • Business Continuity Plan – Disaster Recovery 
    • Internal document for disaster response
    • Crisis contingency planning
    • Management responsibilities
  • The Entrepreneur’s Thrive Guide in Today’s Changing Market
    • The CEO Mindset
    • How to access government CASH relief
    • Reinvent your value & REDUCE operating costs while staying effective
  • Go Remote Fast Guide
    • Stay productive & save your business
    • Effectively transition to a fully remote workplace
    • Quick start checklist: Setup & systems, productivity & organization, and culture

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You can access all three guides when scheduling a no-frills strategy consultation with us.

MyOutDesk started its business to scale with virtual assistants DURING the last recession, the global financial crisis of 2008. We are uniquely positioned to help you BEST respond to the current health crisis. That’s why we’re offering FREE strategy consultation calls & downloads.

During the call, we’ll walk you through step-by-step how to use these guides & understand what your business needs to recover ASAP.

In 2018, only 5% of Americans worked remotely. Today, over 50% are attempting to do it, but are they doing it correctly?

Be prepared to shoot back up while understanding today’s market. Don’t wait around like many businesses, and stay ahead of the curve. Schedule a strategy consultation & access these 3 guides today!