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There’s a lot of concern out there about the Coronavirus right now – and for good reason. The John’s Hopkins tracking map is lit up like a Christmas tree, with glowing red dots showing confirmed outbreaks all over the United States. It’s not good for business, and it’s hurting the stock market – but it’s important to remember that this time will pass, and until it does, your job as a business owner is to keep moving forward.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from COVID-19, it’s that there’s a powerful reason to go virtual in your business. At MyOutDesk, we’ve discussed many of the advantages of remotely for years now, and the increased safety of working from a home office without close physical proximity to others is one more reason to go virtual. Schedule a free personal consultation with us now and learn how you can take your business virtual today.

Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are among many of the nation’s big-tech companies that have embraced the virtual workplace for years – and right now, they’re asking their employees to work from home. For smaller businesses, this may not be such as easy task, but by putting the framework in place for a virtual workplace, you’re setting the stage for not only increased safety but also increased efficiency and lower business overhead.

Working remotely is easier for some jobs than for others: if you’re actively selling as a real estate agent, some amount of face-time and physical presence at listings & open-houses will be required. However, even for jobs like this, you can leverage tools like teleconferencing to reduce exposure & time in public – and since your clients will be just as nervous as you are, offering them a virtual solution could become a powerful selling point for your services.

Once you go virtual, the next question is your team: what are the tools they need to work remotely? We’ve written about VoIP telephony solutions in the past that let you virtualize your entire office, along with leadership strategies to keep your virtual team organized, productive, and inspired.

Maybe it’s also time to finally take the plunge and hire a virtual assistant. They work remotely all the time, and have the tools, training & experience in how to run an office virtually – and of course, there’s a cost-saving to consider compared to traditional staffing as well.

At MyOutDesk, we have over 15 years of remote & virtual workplace expertise. Make us your virtual solutions consultant of choice – schedule a free personal consultation with us now and we’ll help you structure a complete virtual & remote workplace solution for your team.