This Keller Williams 2015 Family Reunion panel specifically focused on what tasks a real estate agent delegates to a Virtual Assistant and what systems of the process an agent should implement in their business.

Aaron Armstrong – MyOutDesk client said, “Too many agents hyper-focus on what should be outsourced, but my business almost 100% runs with the hard work of my Virtual Assistants” Aaron went on to say, face-to-face client interaction is about the only part of his business that isn’t powered with MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistants (

Mike Incorvaia – MyOutDesk client explained to the audience how he uses a system called ( to track daily tasks assigned to his Virtual Assistant. Mike went on to talk about some of the systems he uses with his Marketing Virtual Assistants, such as Dropbox, Google drive photos, flyers, and property info saved in a central location for all team members to access ( Mike has been recognized by Keller Williams Realty International for the team branding and led a panel focused on building a brand in real estate. Mike explained that his Real Estate Virtual Assistant completes 100% of his team’s marketing branding and blogging.

An audience member asked about other real estate tasks the panelist used a Virtual Assistant for. Aaron Armstrong blew their mind by explaining that his Virtual Assistant screens all of his emails and phone calls. “I receive some time hundreds of communications a day; my team members can handle most, and only 5-10 emails need ever be sent to me for my review…thus freeing my time and keeping me focused on my one thing.”

What personality profile should you look for when hiring a Virtual Assistant? For an administrative or marketing assistant, look for a High CS or CS, making sure the virtual assistant has a high level of attention to detail. Someone with a high D and I should be hired for the prospecting role.

With the new release of the book Millionaire Real Estate Agent 2, a major shift in team strategy will be prospecting-based and marketing enhanced. You see, in the first Millionaire Real Estate Agent, this was reversed. The panel also spoke about using a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for prospecting, something that many of the mega agents are currently doing, teams like Tim Heyl ( and Ben Kinney ( and Kristian Cole ( are using Virtual Assistants in their teams daily prospecting.

The panel on a whole still emphasized that you must contact onboard your Virtual Assistant exactly as you would any other employee, using systems like Recruit Select, Keller Williams Weekly 4-1-1, and a 90-day launch ( to bring them up to speed in and helping you focus on your one thing (selling more real estate in 2015).

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