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MyOutDesk brings to our clients – Vendor Love!  Discounts on the products and services that we need during the crisis!  Sorry, we can’t help with toilet paper! :)

In 2018 only 5% of America worked from home, today that number is more than 50%! 


Vendor Love: Landvoice


This week, our featured company offer is Landvoice! Landvoice is the premier lead provider for the real estate industry. They are the preferred source for the best Expired, FSBO, Geo Farm, Call Capture, Pre-Foreclosure, and Old Expired leads.

Landvoice finds the most accurate phone numbers for your leads. They deliver the highest quality and quantity of owner contact information including cell phone numbers. State-of-the-art technology enables you to spend your time listing and selling homes instead of researching phone numbers.

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Right now, Landvoice will cover 75% of your first 3 months of Pro data so you get everything you need, every day, to list properties.
Go to 👉 and use discount code GIVE75 and get the daily Expireds, FSBOs, Pre-foreclosures, and unlimited Neighborhood Search.


Landvoice and MyOutDesk have partnered to bring this extraordinary offer to the real estate market. For a limited time, get started with Expired Pro, FSBOs, Neighborhood Search, and Pre-Foreclosures for only $427/qtr.

EXPIRED PRO These are the low-hanging fruit. They have already agreed to pay an agent commission, they just need a better agent. Using Landvoice, you find up to 95% of phone numbers for the listings in your MLS, including cell phones. Say hello to getting the numbers other agents can’t.

FSBOS Stop spending hours scouring classified listings. Landvoice automatically finds these listings on over 1,700 sites every single day. If there is a For-Sale-By-Owner, we’ll find it for you. 

NEIGHBORHOOD SEARCH Use this tool for unlimited searching of neighborhood data, including names, addresses, and phone numbers. Simply enter an address and Neighborhood Search will find this data for all the nearby homeowners.

PRE-FORECLOSURES Often overlooked by many agents, these homeowners may be very motivated to sell quickly. Simply choose a county and search from among thousands of records, including Notice of Default and Lis Pendens.


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