3-part webinar series harry hasbun with myoutdesk

PART 1: Background Of His Business And How Did The Process Look

In part 1, we’re doing an in-depth overview of Harry Hasbun’s business—how it was, where it is, and how our Business Outcomes Statement sets him in the right direction for growth. Harry struggled with process & systems issues, making management, growth, and profitability a challenge. We helped to outline the issues and provide a detailed roadmap for success.


PART 2: What Are The 5 Immediate Results To Your Business

In Part 2, Chris Jackson takes us to Harry Hasbun’s business outcomes roadmap—details from day 1 to 90, with incredible efforts and results from Harry’s Inside Sales Agent (ISA) dials. We’re also going to do a detailed drill-down into the 5 immediate business results that Harry saw and how they’ve helped him overcome growth & revenue challenges to get his business back on track for success.


PART 3: What Does Business Look Like Today

In Part 3, we got Harry Hasbun with us LIVE to talk about his personal experience with his Virtual Professional. He tells us that he had issues with people he hired in-house—training them and eventually losing them. This caused him to lose both time and money from repeating the hiring process over and over. This changed when he implemented MyOutDesk Virtual Professionals, and we’re going to learn exactly why & how.