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Let’s talk prospecting: the real estate jobs that every agent loves to hate. If you’re an agent, you find reasons to avoid it. If you’re a broker, you deal with pipeline issues because your agents are avoiding them. You might try passive lead generation or even buying leads to get around it. Alas, you’ve still got to call them and still very time-consuming.

Prospecting is a hit-or-miss activity that takes a lot of time, patience & skill – and it definitely requires a thick skin. There’s always the worry that you’ll get a negative prospect on the phone yelling at you. This rarely happens, but it’s still a worry – especially when you’re prospecting expired or FSBO leads. That’s where a Real Estate ISA comes in.

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What Does a Real Estate ISA Do?

A Real Estate ISA is a real estate virtual assistant who prospects for you. They spend the time to work your inbound leads, client follow-ups, circle prospecting, FSBO & expired leads: you name it, they’ve got it. Working all day long generating hot leads for you to close.

Think of your ISA as your own personal gunslinger. Quick on the draw, nimble with the tongue, and trained with proven, practiced scripts that convert prospects into appointments. You already know that 7% of your contacts will enter into a real estate transaction this year. A Real Estate ISA will find them and get them scheduled and do it for 1/3 the cost of a local in-house full-time employee.

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Delivering Massive ROI

See the numbers for yourself! Watch the video below as Wall Street Journal’s #1 Real Estate Coach (and longtime MyOutDesk Client) Bob Corcoran reviews the amazing production volume of Rex, a MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA. Rex set 199 appointments, resulting in 142 transactions, 7 million trackable sales volume, and over $200,000 in GCI!



Prospecting Isn’t All An ISA Can Do

That’s not all your ISA does, however. Being a full-time phone warrior enables them always to be ready for immediate follow-up on your inbound leads. Remember those charts talking about 5-minute turnaround? Get ready to make that a reality!

Your ISA is also skilled in follow-up calls, which helps them stay on top of past clients, warm leads, and anything else that requires periodic phone contact & nurturing. Are you ready to get prospecting off of your plate forever? Grab a free strategy call below and we can show you how we can find a Real Estate ISA talent with your desired skills and traits that fit your company culture perfectly.

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