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PEOs & HROs increase performance & profits with help of virtual administrative assistants.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) & Human Resource Organizations (HROs) are known best for helping client companies accelerate their growth. On the other hand, what are the businesses and services that help accelerate the growth of PEOs? 

The answer is simple: Teams with virtual assistants & remote employees outperform competitors.


“Anybody who’s gone to business school in the last 20 years has had 1 commandment hammered into them: if it’s not your core business, outsource it.”

Pat Cleary, President & CEO
National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)
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A Strategic B2B Workforce

While PEOs allow their clients the opportunity to contain costs by offering their expertise in payroll, benefits, compliance, and further HR functions — PEOs can often overlook one important strategy to contain labor costs of their own.

The strategy is to leverage virtual labor in order to undercut the high costs of daily administrative work. Allocating virtual labor is a known secret that leading B2B companies across the US leverage to enhance their workforce, all the while significantly undercutting costs. By hiring top talent virtual assistants, PEOs can also optimize their capital investment. PEOs, in turn, can grow revenue and dramatically reduce costs.

Businesses with virtual administrative assistants report:

  • Growing service capacity and higher employee morale
  • Sustainable overhead costs and higher net profit margins
  • More efficient internal processes
  • Increased output and client satisfaction & rapport

How can a virtual assistant help with your general administrative needs for your PEO?

The virtual assistants protect the company’s valuable time and shoulder many of the repetitive daily duties, such as:

  • Reception calls, recruitment, sourcing, and intake conversations
  • Time and attendance
  • Transaction coordination, bookkeeping, and expense accounting
  • Calendar scheduling, event coordination, and travel arrangements
  • Reporting, CRM updating, and IT support

By offsetting general administrative work, current company employees can focus their efforts on expanding services and addressing more critical and strategic initiatives.

Industries that benefit from reduced administrative labor costs with virtual assistants

The following sectors have virtual assistants as an integral component of their workforce. These types of businesses trust MyOutDesk to provide top talent virtual assistants:

  • Healthcare
  • Real estate and property management
  • Mortgage and lending
  • Human resources and PEO
  • IT and technology
  • And all high-profiting industries

These businesses have found concurrent success in scaling and profiting, often outpacing their competitors. PEOs seeking solutions to reduce general administrative costs can also grow their operations with virtual assistants. 

Is it safe for PEOs to use virtual assistants?

PEOs who choose a reliable virtual assistant service provider with thorough qualification procedures ensure high-quality virtual talent. MyOutDesk has a strong reputation for providing virtual administrative assistants, built on:

  • A stringent talent matching process that uses detailed work experience profiling.
  • A comprehensive candidate vetting process unmatched by any other outsourcing provider.
  • FBI-grade background checks.
  • DISC personality matching to ensure the most experienced, educated, and skilled virtual assistant services possible.

An unparalleled distinction of MyOutDesk among many virtual assistant providers is its high standard of service to its clients and virtual assistants. The company provides uninterrupted support services for client businesses and virtual assistants with dedicated trainers and solutions managers. Virtual assistants receive competitive benefits and medical at MyOutDesk, upholding high work morale. Hiring a highly qualified, full-time virtual assistant from MyOutDesk is safe as well as cost-effective — often costing 60% less than hiring a full-time in-house employee.


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The future of virtual assistants in PEO

The value proposition that many PEOs claim is that they are helping to maximize the human capital investment for any business. Successful PEOs must also practice this belief within its internal operations as a business development strategy.

With over 900 PEOs in the US providing services to 175,000 small and mid-sized businesses, the industry expects to grow and serve beyond its current 3.7 million worksite employees. Hiring virtual assistants increases opportunities for PEOs to simultaneously scale with reduced overhead costs and invest in the growing salaries and benefits of in-house employees.

Virtual administrative assistants can help maximize profits, grow clientele, improve business capacity, and outperform competing human resource organizations, administrative services organizations, and PEOs.

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