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One of the best parts of this business is the amazing conversations we get to have with different people in the Real Estate Industry. This time around, we have Long Doan. Long is the Founder/CEO/Broker/Co-Owner for Realty Group, one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Minnesota with over 350 real estate professionals and counting. He has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years, part of the top 1% of Agents in the country, and has a proven track record and experience from personally closing 1,000+ transactions in his first 4 years as an active agent. His team also made it to the TOP Real Estate brokerages list from REAL Trends.

Long and his partner Mark have several MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistants on their team. We wanted to talk to Long about his experience and why he believes in the blended business model so much.

Even before Long started the Realty Group, Long understood the productivity and profitability of having a Real Estate Virtual Assistant as an active broker. It has been important for him to serve the agents within his organization, and part of that has been ensuring that they get competitive compensation. That being said, Long has had to find a way to keep productivity high and costs low. Their main motivation has been to be the brokers that they wish they had when he and his partner were agents. They work with what they call an inverted model where they serve their Real Estate Agents as they are their clients.

Along with his in-house team, Long has 6 Real Estate Virtual Assistants, 5 of whom he calls “task-oriented” virtual assistants (VA), and one is their ISA, which makes phone calls and talks to people. The task-oriented VAs are in charge of several task lists that they complete daily. Long mentions that they are planning on taking on more Vas in the immediate future.

Realty Group has come up with a very efficient way to properly onboard their Virtual Assistants. They begin with a flowchart of tasks that need to be done and separate them into categories. They then determine which of their VA’s has the talent to be efficient at those tasks. Because MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants have about 90% of the training needed to complete these tasks, Long and his team can train them on the systems that they use and their business processes quite easily.

Long truly understands the immense value that hiring Virtual Assistants can bring. A priority for their business is taking care of their agents and providing them with the best support because they are very stringent about who they take into their brokerage. It is so important for them to have the kind of team that will provide that kind of support. Long says that their Virtual Assistants are treated like actual team members. They are included in their daily huddles and are valued just like any of their on-site staff. The fact that they do not require office space and are just overall more cost-efficient and because of how the set-up works, he finds that they are also extremely productive and efficient in doing what needs to get done for their business to thrive.

Long expressed that in his opinion, if you are serious about Real Estate, then you absolutely should hire a Virtual Assistant, regardless of the size of your business. If you do not need one full-time, then find another agent or agents to share one with. He believes as we do, that if you don’t have an assistant, you are one, and the costs of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant greatly outweigh the value that they can bring to you and your business. If you are a true business owner, then you should constantly be working on your business and not in it. You need to find a way to be the “laziest” person in the world and find ways to delegate the areas of your business that do not necessarily have to be handled by you. Long says that a Virtual assistant can do about 80% of the tasks in your business!

(Check out our post on the Sticky Challenge to help you determine which of your tasks can be delegated to a VA)

We had such an amazing and insightful conversation with Long Doan, be sure to watch the full video above and catch a freebie from our CEO/Founder Daniel Ramsey (A week FREE with your VA!). Watch the video for the secret code. Don’t miss it!


We generate $100 million dollars in revenue growth & cost-savings every year for clients like KW, RE/Max, Coldwell Banker, Zillow & top producers like Mark Spain & Ben Kinney!

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