job candidate waiting eagerly for his interview

Competition in today’s digital marketplace is at an all-time high – and it means investing in new tools, techniques & technologies to stay competitive. But, it also means that you need to take today’s trends & changing market when putting together a hiring structure.

If you are a business owner or decision-maker, you absolutely must stay on top of the trends and remain open to the possibility of new roles & positions in your organization – and remember: whatever role you need to fill, odds are a talented MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can fill for you. So book a Double My Business Strategy Session today to find out how!

  1. You might need to hire a Social Media Maven. Yes, social media is an amazing way to get your name out there for free. However, it’s free for everybody else and every other business as well. You need to stand out, and to do this, you need someone savvy on tricks and trends to help your business’s social media marketing fresh and engaging. If you already have a marketing person on your team, you may want to invest in their knowledge of the most effective strategies to ensure that your social media platforms are utilized and bringing in as much business as possible. In addition, it would help if you found someone who understands how to tell a good story and who has a good grasp of the needs of your target demographic.
  2. You will need to adjust hiring strategies to withstand the existing skills gap. According to experts, employers face a global skills gap estimated to cost $8.5 trillion in unrealized economic output. Therefore, many factors must be considered to find high potential candidates who are closely but exactly suited to the position you are filling. This leads us to our next point.
  3. It would be best if you were open to flexible options. The location has been a huge challenge for many employers and businesses. Many times, hires end up being one of convenience rather than finding the right fit. As a result, employees are constantly looking for opportunities that allow flexibility, such as remote work and the like. In fact, according to the International Workplace Group’s 2019 annual survey, 50%of employees worldwide are already working outside of the so-called mother-ship, at least 2.5 days a week. Another 80% shared if they were deciding between two new gigs, and one had more laid-back rules with being in office, they’d go for it. While this type of work environment may not be new for 2020, this may very well be the year it becomes more of a norm. This gives businesses the freedom to fill positions that do not require a physical presence in the office more easily and eliminate the geographical restrictions that prohibit them from finding the perfect match.
  4. Your company culture matters. In 2019, companies started putting culture first, and in 2020, they’ll only become more focused on this part of working. How come? It’s estimated 77% of people rate culture as ‘extremely important, and 64% of employees admitted they are less likely to stay at a job after a negative onboarding experience. Businesses know that a strong culture is a key to retention, so making sure the candidates being interviewed have the right skills and feel at home in the organization will be a focus for hiring managers this year.

2020 holds many fears, such as recession and the like. However hiring, hiring the right people will be essential in ensuring that your business continues to thrive regardless of the economic outlook. Outsourcing has been a viable option for years. It is even more so now that many options are available, whether you own a small homegrown business or a big multi-million dollar organization. Find out how a rock star MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can be a valuable member of your team by booking a Double My Business Strategy Session today!