Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Wealth Advisor Business

By: Marnie Hill | Updated: July 20, 2022

Key Takeaway

Hiring a virtual assistant can benefit wealth advisory businesses by providing administrative support, lead generation, client communication, and more. To find the right virtual assistant, consider their experience, communication skills, and cultural fit.

Wealth Advisor Hires a Virtual Assistant

“I walked into the office and asked my friend, where is the nice receptionist that always answers my calls; she’s never here when I come to visit?” The answer is, “oh, she’s not in the office; she’s a virtual assistant with MyOutDesk.” It usually shocks people as they try to understand the dynamics of a virtual assistant.

Handling the Privacy of Sensitive Information

We had the opportunity to dive into the financial advisor world with one of our favorite clients, Mimi Dew, Co-founder & President of Dew Financial Management. Her company helps entrepreneurs who net a million dollars or more a year to build out a fractional family office. Her Director of Client Services, Christine, for 20 years needed help with day-to-day tasks of sensitive information, hadn’t taken a vacation in years and was approaching burnout, which would be bad for the business and its clients. 

Mimi spoke with her advisers and lawyers, who all said the work couldn’t be done virtually, especially not out of the country. There was too much at stake with allowing private subject matter of financials outside the confines of the office. Mimi is an innovative thinker, as most entrepreneurs are, and wouldn’t let this idea fall to the waist side. 

Mimi shared that she was focused and determined to make this work- it couldn’t fail! 

6 Steps to Ensure Privacy When Working with a virtual assistant

  1. Verify your company insurance covers outsourcing just as it covers your US employees 
  2. Technology: control access and user permission through your IT systems
  3. Process & System:  Audit calls/project/workflows, creating accountability for adherence to the process. 
  4. Training (purchase or create):  PPI, HIPAA, Privacy, etc., provide the same level of training for your virtual assistants as your local employees. 
  5. Supply your VA with a laptop, which your IT team has installed encryption of all information that can be disconnected and deleted instantly. 
  6. Treat your new virtual assistant like a team member, include them in meetings and keep the lines of communication open.
virtual assistant

An actual MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant!

Mimi was determined to make it work, and it did. Christine, the Director of Client Services, went on her first vacation in 20 years without stress because she told Mimi, “I knew our VA had everything in order.” 

So use the link below to request a consultation with one of our experts. They like to hear you out first, so they can understand exactly what you need. Then, if we’re a good fit, they pitch a plan involving one or more virtual assistants for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so don’t hesitate. Now more than ever, the clock is ticking for businesses everywhere.

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