How An Investor/Flipper Can Use A Virtual Assistant to Find Deals

By: Abby | Updated: February 16, 2019
business owner working on a laptop that says "virtual assistant?"

Assistance for Real Estate can cover many landscapes and is only limited by our belief systems. Real Estate Virtual Assistants can help cover many of your tasks giving you more time and helping you gain leverage.

As a Real Estate investor and/or Flipper, a virtual assistant can be instrumental in helping you find deals.

Set your expectations clearly, and make sure that what you expect is attainable in relation to your area’s market.

We know that you would probably prefer to follow-up on your leads yourself, what a Real Estate Virtual assistant can do for you is find you those “hand raisers.” To save you time, they can ask pre-qualifying questions that will indicate whether the lead is worth pursuing or not.  They can also manage your database and ensure that all the information you are paying for is utilized and organized.

With a well-structured training program, you will be able to prepare your Virtual Assistant to meet your expectations and hit your goals. Purchasing training might also be useful. Put together scripts that your Virtual Assistant can use as they are making your calls. Make sure they are getting all the information they need from these leads and that they are sending this information over to you.

Accountability is vital in keeping track of your virtual assistant’s progress. Creating some sort of tracker that can be compared with recorded data in say, their dialer. You don’t need to spoon-feed them or monitor all activities, however, keeping them accountable for their work will help ensure that your business partnership continues to be mutually beneficial.

Investing in the right tools for your Virtual Assistant is essential as well. Systems such as Podio and Investor fuse, communication platforms such RingCentral, and even project management platforms like Monday or Basecamp, these various systems are crucial to have in place to ensure that your Virtual Assistant is equipped with the very best in order to perform at maximum capacity.

You can also have your Real Estate Virtual Assistant manage your marketing. Whether it is your website, Social Media or even material creation for fliers and other printable media you need, they can make sure that you are getting your name out in your market, creating new opportunities for business. They can help you reach out to your client base to ask for referrals or even reviews that will benefit not only have you in the public eye but encourage others who may be searching.

We understand that Flipping houses and Real Estate Investments are different worlds within themselves and some of your business needs will be a tad more unique than a traditional Real estate business. Our talented Real Estate Virtual assistants can be an asset to you and your team and give you more leverage by freeing up your time to focus on closing those deals.