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With 90% of remote workers preferring to stay that way, virtual assistance is trending upwards. Rather than having in-house secretaries, more and more businesses are hiring remote contractors to answer phones, book appointments, send customer reminders, etc. Often acting as a kind of communication hub for your business by maintaining a line of contact with customers via voice, SMS, and email.

If you haven’t ever had a virtual secretary, you might wonder if it’s right for your company. You might even be wary of doing it.

There are a huge number of benefits to having one, and if you bear them in mind, you might just discover a virtual secretary could do wonders for your business.

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Reduced Costs

If you hire a virtual secretary, you’ll find that the costs are reduced in comparison to a traditional employee.

You won’t have to provide them with office equipment, medical benefits, or paid sick days. You also won’t have to pay taxes on their income, as that’ll be up to them to file with the IRS.

This can cut down your costs enormously.

Not only that, but you might not even need to find office space at all if most of your employees are virtual.

Increased Flexibility and Productivity

The best virtual secretary will be flexible in their hours. If you need someone to work at non-traditional times, you can likely find someone to do it.

You could also hire someone from a slightly different timezone so that their working hours align with yours.

Because of this flexibility, your virtual secretary is likely to be more productive. When setting their own hours, or discussing them with you and coming to an agreement about what works for both of you, they can pick the times when they can get the most done.

Since they don’t have to factor in travel time to the office and other things in a non-remote position, this leaves more time to get work done.

There’s also flexibility for you. If you’re not happy with the relationship you have with someone you found on a virtual secretary website, it’s easier to cut ties and find someone else. This guarantee makes it easier to enter the relationship and less daunting.

[Considering a Virtual Assistant?]

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They’ll Be Happier Than a Traditional Employee

97% of contractors are happier than in-house employees. Happier people are more likely to get more work done and actually do their best for your business.

When finding a virtual secretary for hire, you’ll usually find they’re more motivated than an in-house employee. This is because there’s a sense of both freedom and control in what they do, which will very much benefit the work they’re doing for your business.

Hire a Virtual Secretary and You’ll See

If you’re not convinced, try it out. Hire a virtual secretary for your business and you’ll see all the benefits compared to having an employee in-house doing the same tasks.

Most virtual secretaries can do a wide range of tasks, so you can get everything you need in one contractor.

For someone highly reputable and trustworthy, check out our plans today from one of the longest-running virtual assistant service companies.


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