Joshua Smith is a realtor in Phoenix, Arizona as well as a serial entrepreneur. Voted the 30th ‘Top Realtor In America’ By The Wall Street Journal and a “30 Under 30” finalist for the National Realtors Association,  Joshua got in the business in 2005 by accident. He was managing a health club and wanted to start one of his own, but needed capital.

Now a top 1% agent worldwide, Joshua owns and operates the #1 real estate podcast in the industry, “GSD Mode.” He is co-owner of a real estate software company “Perfect Storm.” He is also co-owner of many companies in other industries such as healthcare, supplements, health & fitness, and more.

Joshua successfully coaches and mentors over 1,000 realtors yearly all over the US and Canada.

Real Estate became an obsession … health and fitness is his passion

The two things that made Joshua stay in real estate is that he’s never seen an industry that had more opportunity out there, going from ZERO, and in about 6 months, he was making more than many. Joshua also realized his impact with a team, bringing agents together to mentor and coach at a high-level, while making HUGE changes in people’s lives.

#1 Podcast in the industry with GSDMode

As one of the top producers in the industry, he was asked to be in a lot of podcasts —  and Joshua’s creative side made him want to start his own and he can do a better job in pulling out the better conversation as a host.

Real Estate has changed all aspects of his life

Joshua loves the hustle, yet he pivots when necessary. Four years into the business, he was making more money than he expected, but he was miserable, realizing that he had set the wrong target. Business is a vehicle that allows you to live the life you want to live. So businesses must reciprocate to their people and give back to you, “Everything has to change to make the business work for you, not you work for the business!”

An so he set out the right kinds of daily decisions that compounded over time.

Mistake of not investing time to master the hiring process

You can be a great realtor, but that doesn’t mean you’re a great leader. Consider your tactics and your strategy. Replicating tactics will not work for everyone so you have to make your own strategy!

Tactics vs. Strategy: What’s the difference?

Here’s an example of a tactic and a strategy for real estate agents.

Tactic: Identify mediums that work for you, what will you go after, what’s your ideal client? Where are their eyeballs at?

Strategy: Get to know their pain points, also know the pleasure points! Make sure what they want are showing with the ads you’re serving to the target you have.

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Learning & Staying Organized

Mastery happens when you constantly learn and look at things you enjoy doing. If you have a desire, pretty much all the information are accessible online (try YouTube try Udemy).

Don’t just copy what you learn. Reverse engineer it and know the sales machine behind it.

Tips for new agents:

  1. Have a tracking system in place (how many conversations, conversions, etc.) Be resourceful to overcome your obstacles!
  2. Have your CRM dialed in and set up. Your CRM should have lead sources, so you know who comes in from which sources — an important asset for your business! (Consider Joshua’s CRM)
  3. Have a great presentation!
  4. Know the area you’re servicing
  5. With your Facebook ads, if any responses come in, set up auto-replies for leads to go to a drip campaign. Call them within the first day, or as soon as possible, then employ a good follow-up process.

More tips to consider!

  • People rarely have a lead generation problem but most have lead conversion issues.
  • When conversing with people, attach connection, empathize, offer resources (DON’T SELL) such as guides based on your research (interviews, studies, etc.).
  • FSBOs are different from other types
  • It’s almost impossible to sway people from their belief systems
  • People have to self discover stuff they can and can’t do
  • There’s a discovery time of about 6-8 weeks — Joshua has a specific guide and resources for it that he offers FSBOs until they self-discover they can’t do it and hire you instead
  • Always think of ways to establish yourself as a trusted resource!
  • So when they hit a pain point, you are FIRST in mind
  • Digital marketing > content, content, content!
  • Law of reciprocation > you feel the need to give back to those who you’ve gotten value from
  • Invest the time to master!

Joshua’s new book, completely free and digital, over 40 tips for real estate agents to dominate your real estate business

Dominate Your Real Estate Business Top Tips from a Top Producer

No fluff and stories, every chapter is an in-depth, hardcore tip. (And it’s really free!)

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