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Finding leads is easy – there are tons of platforms out there promising leads galore with low, low monthly pricing. The question is whether those leads are worth buying – and feedback from agents typically is that those channels are oversaturated & filled with unmotivated tire kickers that make them a waste of time & money.

What you need is motivated, qualified leads that you know will close fast – and finding these is a whole other ball game. Learning how to find well-qualified clients is only half the picture here. Plenty of agents can get their phone to ring, but only experienced agents can keep their phone ringing consistently.

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Here are some strategies to find and close your qualified leads:

Never Forget to Follow-up

Follow-up is where the money is. The key to knowing your market is listening to their needs and wants as buyers/sellers and connecting them. Statistics show that most salespeople stop following up after only trying twice, so persistent follow-up is essential. Keep in mind that you are selling high-ticket items, so to speak. It will take time for many people to be ready to bite the bullet and make the big move. Following up to check-in is over half the battle.  Create a systematized follow-up strategy and make sure you are tracking the progress of all your follow-ups.

Purchase QUALITY leads

In the past, we have discussed if buying leads is a worthy use of your resources. This is quite a polarizing subject, and you will hear opinions towards yay or nay across the board. However, being wise about purchasing leads can bring you a lot of good business. Look for a company that sells quality information and be picky about your purchase. Do your research and find lists that experienced lead companies procure. Purchasing willy-nilly will surely be a waste of your time and money. Keep in mind, Close even one of them, and you’re already in the black. Close two or three, and you’re getting a 200%+ return on investment (ROI) from your spend.

Bank on Referrals

We’ve shared numerous statistics about how amazing referrals can be for your business. TL;DR: Referrals are good. When you nurture relationships with your clients, you are investing in repeat business and referrals. If they love you, they will recommend you and send more business over. By far, referrals are more effective than any marketing strategy. Referrals will always get you higher closing rates than cold leads.

Share Insider Information With Your Audience

When you share a listing online, please don’t stick to the readily available facts they can find on any other website. Instead, share some insider knowledge. For example, does the home have an interesting history? Is there a secret nook or room? Did the aunt of someone famous live here for a period of time? Using little insider information drops like this can build trust because you are adding value through information.

Brand Plus Customer

A rising trend called marketing is a strategy where you are less brand-centric and more customer-centric when you market on different platforms. While your brand is still important, your main objective will be to ensure that your message speaks to your target demographic for each platform you use. The importance of the consumer experience is higher now than ever. This is because generation Z currently holds a lot of buying power, and so do millennials, each attracted to different types of messages. Keep this in mind when creating your marketing strategies, and as you adapt, you will find more quality leads that turn into more conversions for you.


These are just some of the strategies you can deploy to find higher-quality leads and actually convert them. But, whether you decide to utilize one or all of them, one thing is for sure. You need a strong team behind you to be successful. A MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can be part of that team that takes you there. Book your Double My Business Strategy Session today!