What’s the one thing you are avoiding or don’t like handling in your business? For example, maybe you avoid calling your past clients and your sphere of influence, even though they love you – or perhaps you loathe making prospecting calls or doing lead follow-ups.

Learn how to identify & overcome challenges to success in this exciting interview with real estate coach Debbie De Grote!

Debbie shares how you can overcome your prospecting reluctance and push your Real Estate business production into hyperdrive from generating more leads, gaining more listings, and closing more transactions.

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Real Estate can be a very isolating business, and it can be easy to fall into a hole or get stuck in your head. This is why it is crucial to identify your beliefs about this business and find a way to keep our minds focused on forward-motion growth. For example, when you’re trying to fire the Jets on production, stay away from negative influences and focus on your mindset first and foremost.

Identify the biggest challenges in your business and find a solution to them, or find a way to be more responsible and disciplined. This is the first step to turning things around in your business. There is no such thing as someone who is more disciplined than the other. It’s just that they’ve developed habits of discipline; none of us are born disciplined. It’s something that we learn. Now ask yourself, what do you do well? Where do most of your business come from, and where is the gap, or what are you avoiding? By identifying these, you will find that you can shift your business plan, close those gaps, and find a way to develop those strengths.

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