#slack logo using a virtual assistant to grow your business

Slack is an incredible tool to collaborate and keep teams on track with project goals. Learn how to leverage this platform alongside virtual assistants to grow.


How to Grow Your Business With Slack and Virtual Assistants

Since COVID-19’s inception, the standard communication model for businesses has changed from in-person to virtual. Millions of Americans became remote workers and millions more are likely to follow this trend as the months unfold.

As work-life becomes more virtual, the potential for having a better work-life balance unfolds, too.

Businesses can expand their horizons and delegate tasks more efficiently by hiring part-time virtual assistants. Businesses may also consider using better tools to efficiently manage their virtual assistant staff.

Slack is an incredible tool to collaborate and keep teams on track with project goals. Even better, it creates an atmosphere of transparency.

Read more to learn how leveraging this platform alongside virtual assistants will grow your business.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

Unlike the old business model where your pool of possible employees was limited to your local area, now you can hire anyone from anywhere.

Yes, anywhere. All over the globe. If they have a computer and internet service handy, they’re a potential employee.

Since they work remotely, the tasks that virtual assistants (VAs) can perform are limited to the tasks their computers can perform. Depending on your business model, the sky’s the limit.

The tasks VAs can perform include:

  • Managing emails
  • Event planning
  • Proofreading
  • Anything including phone services
  • Bookkeeping (anything related to accounting)
  • Posting on social media
  • Digital marketing services
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Hiring management
  • Coding
  • Sales

Pro tip – Experienced VAs are great at juggling many tasks at once. Consider delegating repetitive work to them that can’t be done by a computer or AI system.

But how is it possible to manage someone you may never see in person?

It’s actually pretty easy. Using virtual assistant services like Slack only requires a basic understanding of digital technologies.

Why You Should Choose Slack as Your Workspace Hub

Don’t limit the use of this technology to you and your virtual assistant. Think of Slack as a transparent virtual hub between employers and employees.

It’s perfect for:

  • Creating specific channels between different parties
  • Keeping staff up to date with company goals and initiatives
  • Project management
  • Creating a more down-to-earth and personal work environment

Even better, you and your VA can work together to turn Slack into your primary source of digital communication with the entire team! Consider forming these kinds of channels:

  • Team specific: Split your slack channels into teams. Create camaraderie
  • Event Updates: Pin posts here to get your staff excited for events
  • Rules and Regulations: Keep your team informed about expectations
  • Social: Here, staff can talk about anything. Be sure to form ground rules

Your team can benefit immensely from using Slack because its services aren’t limited to on-site office hours, assuming you still have staff working on site.

Your staff will also have the bonus of being able to send direct messages to other staff members. This will make it easier for team leaders to schedule meetings with individuals on a discreet basis.

Notice a Trend?

Slack stands out as a workspace hub because it opens many doors for businesses with an eye for transparency and ultimately, success.

Forward-thinking CEOs and virtual assistants are using slack for business purposes because it is specifically made for facilitating trust and camaraderie in a remote-work environment.

If you want to know more about growing your business in the remote workplace, be sure to visit our Contact Us Page and we’ll respond ASAP. We’d love to inform you about all we know!