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Hiring a sales assistant can help your business close more deals and find more overall success. If you’re intrigued, find out more about sales assistants here.


How to Hire a Sales Assistant

When it comes to the success of your business, very few factors outweigh that of your sales ability.

No, we don’t mean your specific tactics and strategies. Let’s be real, you are a seasoned professional!

But you’re still just one person. Even if you have a team of salespeople, you probably missed your quota over the last few years (check out this Forbes study where over 57% of businesses missed their quotas as well).

Don’t make the same mistake again this fiscal year!

A sales assistant can help maximize your revenue and overall business success without any extra effort on your part. Read on to see how you can benefit from hiring a sales assistant today!

Why Hire a Virtual Sales Assistant?

Well, to be brief, you can’t afford to not hire one.

One of the most astonishing examples is Marvin Mitchell’s story (which you can read here). His virtual assistant earned his company over $43,000 in revenue… in only half an hour.

The math is simple: as a leader, the ability to delegate tasks to maintain the highest order of efficiency should be at the very top of your skillset. Virtual assistants can follow up on leads, distribute warm leads to sales staff, organize inventory, and essentially streamline any/all other basic tasks that eat away at your day.

Plus, they end up paying for themselves! Remember Mitchell? Well, that one client that his assistant landed made enough to pay for itself for a whole year… twice.

How Do I Get Started?

The facts speak for themselves, so hiring a virtual sales assistant should be the immediate next step for your business, and doing so couldn’t be more simple.

When creating a job posting for your desired position, it’s important to include specific descriptions of the requirements, and of your ideal candidate. This way, applicants won’t waste any time sharing their relevant experiences.

The interviewing stage is the most crucial. Gather several questions relating to the position that candidates must provide strong, clear answers to. Their answers should be confident and concise, proving they have enough credibility for the position.

Or, you could skip the lengthy application and interview process and go with a third-party service that matches you with your own assistant.

The industry leader by far right now is MyOutDesk (bonus: they’re who Mitchell used!). A virtual assistant through MyOutDesk will save you an average of 70% compared to hiring an in-person assistant, and you know that the help you’re receiving is top-notch.

All of their assistants are tenured, college-educated professionals with the latest expertise in fields such as publicity, marketing, sales, IT, project management, and more.

Just think of the time you’ll get back. Recently, businesses reported spending twenty hours per week on marketing. Your virtual assistant can do the same work in mere minutes.

Get Me Connected

Most business people waste their days completing mundane tasks that are mandatory for sales and exposure, yet boring and time-consuming. Don’t fall into that category any longer.

If you’re ready to boost your business with a virtual sales assistant, head over to MyOutDesk to compare plans and find the right one that fits your needs.

After saving their customers over $55 million last year alone, they’re ready and waiting to assist you.