virtual assistant using trello at her laptop

Need a better way to dictate tasks and keep virtual assistants on track? Consider Trello! Here’s what you need to know about the project platform.

How to Leverage Trello to Manage Your Virtual Assistants and Tasks

You’ve recently hired virtual assistants services and you have an abundance of tasks on the horizon. With strict deadlines and fast-moving parts, assigning projects through email is no longer a viable option.

You need a project management system that’s user-friendly and effective for streamlining your pipeline.

In this article, we’ll be discussing Trello and why it’s an ideal fit for keeping your virtual assistants on the path to success. We’ve analyzed its core project management elements that you can start utilizing today.

Build Your Trello Boards

Once you’ve joined Trello, you’ll have the ability to build an unlimited amount of project boards. Assess the categories of your projects and determine which business sectors they align with. After, plan how you want to allocate your virtual assistants, based on their skillsets.

For instance, if your assistant will focus on your marketing department, consider creating a marketing-specific Trello board. Moving forward, your marketing board will be the designated hub for each of your marketing projects.

As a next step, adjust each board’s settings from public to private. Private boards will be viewed on an invitation-only basis. Invite each of your assistants by email so that they can view and access the board at all times.

Create Project Pipeline Columns

A typical Trello board will house three columns. Below are what these standard columns consist of.

A To-Do List

Your To-Do list will be the prime spot to display every upcoming virtual assistant task. You can also set upcoming deadlines in advance to set clear expectations right from the start.

Tasks in Progress

Use this second column to keep track of each task that’s currently underway. Your assistants can use Trello’s drag-and-slide feature to move tasks along the pipeline in chronological order.

Tasks Complete

After every step in a task is finished, move the project over to the third and final column.

As a bonus Trello tip, we also recommend that you add an extra column designated to project roadblocks. This will allow you to address and resolve issues before they become a hindrance.

Craft Project Cards

Create individual project cards to house the details of each task. The project card is where you’ll add the instructions, deliverables, and deadlines. You can also attach Google documents and video instructions as needed.

Afterward, utilize Trello’s tagging feature to assign specific virtual assistants to the tasks on hand. This includes adding them as a team members to the card, tagging them in comments, and providing feedback on the cards.

Consider breaking complex tasks into smaller subtasks for optimal use.

Use Trello to Manage Virtual Assistants

If you’ve recently hired virtual assistants, you need a project management platform to assign, manage, and track tasks from start to finish. Trello is a platform that’s affordable and user-friendly for each and every team member. Build designated boards, create detailed project cards, and progress tasks through the project pipeline.

If you’re still in need of virtual assistant services, contact MyOutDesk for further assistance. We’re an American-owned business and we service a variety of industries to help you and your business succeed. Check out our client reviews and request a consultation with our team of experts.