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We’ve talked about what differentiates our virtual assistants from the AI virtual assistants you may be familiar with, before. There are various reasons to go with one of our human professionals to assist you in scaling your business successfully. But consider this the definitive, top five reasons why you should ditch the AI robot world of assistants, in favor of our very real and very skilled virtual assistants. Read on and be convinced…

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artificial intelligence vs human virtual assistants


All Natural, Organically Grown

1. Don’t forget what AI stands for; artificial intelligence. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my coworkers to be not artificial. Natural intelligence is much more useful and reliable than intelligence that is by definition fake. Sure, not all of your coworkers may be all-natural themselves, but whatever work they may or may not have had done is none of our business! What is our business, however, is… our business! And real business needs real intelligence to get the job done right. A real-life, not-fake virtual assistant will always be smarter than an artificial product because AI can’t compete with the complexity of a real human brain.


You Don’t Have To Yell at Us

2. Do you ever yell at Siri or your Alexa device? When I say “Alexa, turn off the living room light” I don’t want to hear back “Rain Wilson plays the character of Dwight on The Office”.  I don’t need another reason to watch re-runs of The Office, I need the living room light turned off. That’s another problem with AI, which is you can’t always rely on it. With a human assistant, especially those from MyOutDesk, you CAN always rely on it. You don’t need to repeat yourself to our VA’s, and should never have to yell at them either. Please don’t yell at them. They will learn what you need and execute exactly that because they have ears and brains… not speakers and circuit boards.

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Works For You, Not It’s Creator

3. AI doesn’t truly work for you. Think about it(with your human brain); an AI is just code, algorithms designed by someone else to handle general tasks. That someone probably isn’t an expert in the specific area you’re working in. So why rely on pre-determined routines from some stranger in another world? Don’t! Instead, put your very sensitive and important tasks in the hand of a human being who wasn’t designed, but has learned through experience what you need. Someone who is getting paid to do those very specific tasks you require and understands why they need to be done and how. 



AI Isn’t Alive, Humans Are

4. The increasing reliance on AI to help us with tasks reminds me of machine assembly lines. Once upon a time, the advancements in machine technology resulted in people losing their jobs to “robots”. The modern-day equivalent is kind of like shifting human jobs to AI automation. Hard-working, experienced, skilled people are losing jobs to AI that didn’t earn that job. AI that isn’t loyal, understanding, passionate, or reliable. If you’re reading this you’re a human(I hope!) so stop stepping on your fellow humans. Stop aiding the inevitable rise of our machine overlords. This leads me to point 5…


Don’t Fuel the Apocalypse Fire

5. We’ve all seen The Terminator movies. Do you remember how well it worked out for the people in that world? They kept advancing their AI technology with reckless abandon. They never stopped to consider what eventual repercussions could come from putting our livelihood in the cold, artificial hands of an emotionless entity. But you have the chance to consider that right now! Don’t chance your precious business on someone else’s disconnected creation, that comes with no guarantees. Work with a real-life human who wants to work for you, and comes with assurances. Worst case, they don’t work out and you find someone else who’s a better fit. A machine may not give you that choice.

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Nothing Beats That Human Touch

And there you have it, folks! If you were unsure before about human VS AI assistants, you’re probably pretty clear now. These top five reasons should be all you need to see how much better it is to go human. All cuteness and jokes aside, nothing beats the results you get from one of our highly-skilled, human virtual assistants. Because our VA’s aren’t software with limitations and defects, they’re individuals with specific skills and experience. And we take pride in matching them up with our clients to very specific roles and watching them fit right in and work hard. An AI isn’t going to become a respected member of your team and work culture, but our VA’s will. If you enjoyed this little eye-opener of a blog and would like to see if one of our VA’s can help your business, follow the link below and schedule a free consultation.


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