marketing assistant qualifications

If you’re a business owner, there’s a good chance that you’ve hired marketing assistants, graphic designers, and public relations consultants at some point in time. But have you ever considered what are the best qualifications for these positions?

To be clear, we’re interested in looking for the perfect candidate in two angles:

  1.  The ideal qualifications on a professional resume or job application.
  2. The qualities an individual might have to help them succeed as the PR or marketing assistant of an entrepreneur or CEO.

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The perfect marketing assistant needs a contagious passion for the field, an understanding of how to identify with clients’ needs, and a willingness to take initiative in order to find creative solutions. Let’s face it — we’re busy people!

This is why we’ve made this list of the ideal qualities for any marketing assistant candidate…



1. Experience

The best marketing assistant qualifications are the ones that show that you’ve had experience in the field. Some of the more valuable experience to look for include:
Attended a Marketing/PR/Communications bootcamp
Worked for a company that does similar work to yours (i.e. marketing, PR, or communications)
Studied PR or Marketing at college level (i.e: Journalism, Communication studies, etc.)

2. Communication skills

Communication skills are vital for any marketing assistant. They enable you to clearly convey your message to your client or employer, and also enable your clients and employers to understand the work you are doing. This is proven by requesting a sample portfolio during the vetting process.

3. Further Skills:

  • Problem Solving
  • Time & project management
  • Planning
  • Leadership
  • Salesmanship
  • Internet research
  • Public relations
  • Creativity &  graphic design
  • Writing & editing
  • Client Service

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1. The Candidate is a Self-Starter

We all appreciate having people around who are self-starters. It makes it easier for us to delegate work or advance projects when we know that an individual can take initiative and follow through without having to be micromanaged.

The ideal marketing assistant candidate will be someone with great follow through and strong initiative. They will not need someone constantly looking over their shoulder while they work. They should be able to reach out to clients and respond to their needs on their own, with little supervision from the CEO or entrepreneur in charge.

2. The Candidate is an Analytical Thinker

Entrepreneurs and CEOs lead busy lives and often can’t stop to analyze every issue in detail. That’s why they need a marketing assistant who has a knack for identifying problems and solutions because they might not come up with the answers on their own.

The ideal marketing assistant candidate will be able to translate information into useful solutions or action steps that help a business run more efficiently. They will be able to draw connections that others might miss, which will allow them to present ideas to the CEO or Entrepreneur that will have value for the company. This is the best skill for any marketing assistant candidate!

3. The Candidate is a Team Player

One of the best qualities that any marketing assistant could have is the ability to work as part of a team. This can be vital for those who know they will not be able to handle every aspect of marketing or PR themselves, choosing instead to focus on other aspects in order to grow their skills and gain experience.

The ideal marketing assistant candidate will be able to leverage their experiences gained from previous jobs or as interns, but will also be willing to listen and collaborate with others with different backgrounds and perspectives. This will help them build expertise in areas they might not be familiar with when starting out.

4. The Candidate is a Creative Problem Solver

Every business owner or CEO needs to identify challenges that need to be solved. Many times these will involve creative solutions, and the ideal marketing assistant candidate will be able to help with their best ideas. Entrepreneurs and CEOs love it when they identify a solution that presents opportunities for growth, so candidates who are interested in new ideas should make themselves known when encountering them.

The ideal marketing assistant candidate will also aggressively pursue innovative ideas in order to meet the needs of their clients and company. They might not come up with every idea on their own, but they should be willing to try out a variety of solutions until an effective one presents itself.


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