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Are you thinking about adding a Customer Relationship Management service to your business? If you’re not, you should be!

Customer Relationship Management software, also called CRMs, can add exponential value to your business. There are many out there, but one of the most popular is Zendesk.

Zendesk is a well-known Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Its software has a ton of virtual assistant features that can be overwhelming. At first glance, though, you may wonder if Zendesk CRM is right for your business.


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What is Zendesk CRM?

Zendesk CRM is a powerful yet flexible suite of software.

Zendesk’s various support apps are highly customizable and scalable. So they work for any size business.

Zendesk CRM is customizable, scalable, and smooth. It integrates all of its features into one interface. It makes the complexities of customer service an absolute breeze.

Customer satisfaction, as any business owner knows, is the number one way to keep your business growing. However, who has the time to manage all of that?

Zendesk does. Let’s get into the details.


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Zendesk CRM Features

Zendesk is a robust software offering a wide range of features. You can pick and choose what you need and upgrade as you need. Zendesk CRM also features over 1000 integrations, most notably Gmail and Slack.

Here’s an overview of the features.

Zendesk Suite

Zendesk Suite, or The Support Suite, is a unified agent workspace. It offers continuity of service across all channels. Your customers will get consistent support no matter how they reach out.

The suite includes chat, email, and voice messaging. Advanced features can be added for a nominal cost.

Sales Suite

This suite was made with your sales team in mind. It offers a slew of crucial tools that support sales in one easy-to-access place.

The tools include live chat, voice, SMS, and automated outreach.  All of which can be upgraded as needed.


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Sometimes managing customer requests is a true bear. Zendesk Support helps with that. It’s a simple yet efficient ticket management system.

This system can handle tracking submissions, prioritizing them, and can even solve support requests.


Zendesk Guide enables you to aggregate valuable customer queries. It identifies frequently asked questions, product details, everything your customers want to know. Over time this builds up a FAQ log and product knowledge bases.

Since they are informed by actual customer engagement, they are super relevant resources.

A Seamless Interface

All of the features mentioned can be upgraded as desired. Which is great, but not even the best part. The best part about Zendesk is the seamless interface.

Every single customer interaction happens in one place. Keeping all that data contained to one dynamic interface matters. It means all your customer retention efforts are efficient and seamless!

This equates to enhanced productivity across all your teams.

Is Zendesk CRM Good?

If you like efficiency and the potential to double your business, then yes: Zendesk CRM is good. Paired with a Virtual Assistant, a good CRM can help you focus on growth.

Zendesk boasts over 160,000 happy customers and has been around long enough to have an amazing reputation. And, if you are still on the fence about Zendesk CRM you can try their service risk-free with a free trial!

Do you still have questions about CRM’s, Zendesk, or anything customer service-related? Reach out today, and let our friendly professionals help you make the best choice for your business.


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