a struggling business owner

No matter how much you plan ahead, there are certain things that no amount of preparation can account for. Being flexible and quick on your feet can make all the difference between your business failing and thriving in times of crisis.

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Be a Chameleon

Find creative ways to adapt to the current situation. Brainstorm with your team and talk about alternative ways you can run the business while you are at home. If you run a B2C model and rely on face-to-face, in-store interaction with clients, think of ways to provide the same service in a different way. For example, many restaurants continue to operate by adding a delivery service, giving discounts and coupons, subscriptions, etc. to keep up with the competition. This is a more obvious example of course, but take a look at your business model and find ways you can work around your current situation.


Keep The Current Situation Top Of Mind

In your marketing, be aware of how you can keep your message relevant to the current situation. Increased and flexible marketing is crucial right now because many people will wonder whether certain businesses are still operational. Make sure your target audience knows you’re open and still going strong.


Plan Ahead

It’s important to consider not only how to survive as a business, but also to have a strategy in place for what’s going to happen afterward. Don’t assume that once the crisis has passed, things will just go back to the way they’d been before the outbreak. One key consideration is that being confined to their homes will likely lead to many customers switching to online or otherwise remote solutions, and it shouldn’t be assumed that post-crisis, they will go back to the solutions they’d used prior to the outbreak.


Have a Plan A to Z

Make sure that you explore different scenarios and challenges and solutions and steps you will deploy for each one. While you may not be able to predict anything, it’s nice to have contingencies in place so that you can adapt to any situation, odds are that if something comes up that you may not have an exact plan for, having several different challenges plus solutions will help you.


Embrace New Technology

Since remote work is now the norm, this is the perfect time to find and try out new innovations in software, apps etc. That may benefit your business’ new set-up. Do your research and try different ones. Consider using online platforms for your planning and communication. Use Google Docs or dropbox for collaborative documents and files that everyone can edit and comment on, Monday or similar software for business planning that keeps everyone on the same page, and the likes of Slack or Stormboard for brainstorming and file-sharing.

We are all in limbo as things unfold in the world, but your business does not have to be. If you would like to discuss further remote staffing options, make sure to schedule a GoRemote with MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants Strategy Session so we can discuss options and how we can help.