The world is transitioning to remote work at an all-time record.

Hosts of the Morning Blend show in Las Vegas and Tuscon featured MyOutDesk for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with CEO Daniel Ramsey to help businesses, managers, employees, entrepreneurs to manage this time where everybody is going remote.

How to best transition to a remote workforce and find talent using the CEO mindset

Tune in to understand how MyOutDesk has helped businesses scale and grow with Virtual Professionals primarily in sales, marketing, and operations for over 15 years and 7500 clients.

MyOutDesk brings & fosters:

  • Talented workers from around the world who help U.S. & Canadian businesses in the US attain real leverage.
  • The proven benefits of remote work: improved productivity & employee happiness
  • Tips and advice on promoting an effective workplace.
  • Virtual staffing done right the “easy button” for talent. You tell us what you need, and we go out into the world and find folks that meet exactly those requirements. We then come back and let you interview them. Top talent for 60% less cost than a traditional administrative assistant.

Daniel also shares his new book, “Scaling Your Business with MOD Virtual Professionals: How to Drive Revenue, Save Time, and Create Your Dream Company.”

We are giving away this book for free and also a timely resource amid today’s health crisis, called the“Go Remote Fast Guide.”

Learn how to stay ahead of your competition & actually gain market share.
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