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In today’s unprecedented time, there is a real opportunity to grow your business.

How? Take advantage of today’s change in the labor market.

Before COVID-19, the traditional labor market had a higher demand for talented workers — with more jobs available than talented workers. Over 36 million Americans lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that, for once, there are more qualified workers than there are jobs.


Initial jobless claims, per week
36 million+ jobless claims filed in the last two months


Source: Labor Department


The unemployment rate skyrocketed over the last two months, meaning talented workers want to be hired. You have the advantage as an employer now to find more talented workers than anytime before.

Similarly, if you would have invested in the stock market in March. Today a 50k investment could be 4000k, had you invested in March. There was a short-term opportunity. 


How do you take advantage of this opportunity?

By hiring a recruiting, administrative, or marketing virtual assistant, you can leverage greater talent, all at a fraction of the cost.

If you’ve been wanting to improve your business, today is the time to invest in gaining high-quality talent  — at a lower cost! This is a short-lived time window and there is no real prediction of when you can find this opportunity again.

To build a stronger organization, today is the time to focus on improving the organization, rather not “going back to normal.” If you need help or want to explore some ideas, schedule a free Strategy Consultation today.  




Talented labor without distance limitations

For almost any function that can be done remotely and doesn’t require physical space, virtual assistants for recruitment, marketing, & administrative jobs are cost-effective and allow us the adequate focus & time for our functions.

MyOutDesk Virtual assistants are known to exceed expectations in providing excellent customer service and seamless administrative operations.

We will save you up to 70% on employment costs with experienced virtual assistants, precisely matched for your strategic needs. To book an interview with those in our talent pool, click here


How to take advantage of short term opportunities in our labor market

Charles and Olivia share, “If the small business owner is impacted, everyone is impacted. The TOP 2 things that CANNOT be cut are the people to who we are committed to, which are our employees and virtual assistants.”

Take our clients’ words for it. “Virtual Assistants are key. Without VAs, it limits us and we have more responsibilities in-house. A VA is significantly more affordable to the business pattern. We get more value for the price. This is essential and instrumental for our growth, not only now but long-term 3-5 years out, we will continue to grow our number of VAs.”


MyOutDesk can save you up to 70% on employment costs
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