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We’ve helped you identify the exact moments in a potential client’s life where you can plug-in and cater to their exact needs!

There are certain situations where you can provide value by way of helping them sell or buy a home during today’s lockdown. We’re helping you do the work here at MyOutDesk.

If your prospect numbers are dwindling, you can use our strategies and services as an effective tool. Hire a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant to help you with these lead-generating strategies. Schedule a Double My Business Strategy call today!


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TODAY’S Three D’s: 3 Leads in the Real Estate Market During the Lockdown


(Types of Leads – and What you will offer)


1) Distressed – REO 

2) Double Mortgage – Short sell

3) Death – Probate


Find Leads with these 12 D’s:

MyOutDesk brings you the 12 D’s of Real Estate. With a Virtual Assistant, you can find leverage to zoom in on this situation and not only close a deal but improve the quality of someone’s life.

Find our guide to these 12 D’s, and better yet just schedule a no-hassle strategy call with MyOutDesk. We are here for your success!


Free Thrive Guide + Strategy Consultation