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Here are the best knowledge bombs of the leading business influencers & clients this past year.

Do you ever feel like the more work you do the less productive you get? It’s time to stop measuring productivity by how many tasks get completed and start measuring the IMPACT of the tasks on your agenda – and this BEST OF 2020 video compilation will show you how!

You cannot scale your business if you or your most important employees are bogged down with administrative-level tasks in your calendars. MyOutDesk partners with clients by supplying a core group of virtual assistants that focus on data entry, customer support, inside sales, and administrative responsibilities so those in charge of growing the business can focus on those tasks with the biggest impact.


Amber Knight

Short-Term Rentals for Long-Term Success (

  • What are all the considerations that a person should take when purchasing a property?
  • What are the things that you’ve learned managing this national pool of not only data but property managers & investors?
  • What are the buying criteria is for short-term rentals?

Arlen Robinson

Revenue Streams through Business Affiliates, Influencers, and Referrals

A referral program will be something that you want to ease down the line as you start growing your customer base. You want to get immediate exposure, especially if you have access to an affiliate or an influencer that has an audience!

Bill Gallagher

Leadership Strategies for Crisis Management with Scaling Up

The bottleneck is where? At the top of the bottle. One of the key areas, you have to overcome is is the guy in the mirror or gal in the mirror and then that’s good news. Bad thing news thing right like. You have a company or had a company that was perfectly matched to who you were right and in perfect balance with it.

Brian Icenhower

“Striking Oil” – Hire, Train, Manage a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

It’s really hard to get out there and conduct 25 phone screening interviews, and then conduct 10 in-person interviews and behaviorally assess everybody … and then train them. But there’s a professional shortcut.

Dan Stewart

WHAT TO SAY NOW The Recruitment Edition

For those of us who work in the real estate space, we tend to go solo agents at some point. Then you think about you have a lot of opportunities that you can handle; so you need a team. And all of a sudden they have the responsibility to attract more people.

Dr. Lee Davenport

Disruptions Are Catalysts: The 4 Laws for FOLLOW-UP with Dr. Lee Davenport

Once you identify what you know you shouldn’t do, automate & delegate that process to another. Because the thing that you do the best at will inspire more leads to want to work with you. You don’t have time for a critical need, automate that. Because that’s what drives revenue typically!

Wendell Burris

Wendell Burris: Property Manager Scales To 3,000 Doors With Virtual Assistants!

We hired our first virtual professional that assists with the role of answering the phone calls, text messages & emails, dispatching vendors, and calling residents to make sure their issues are getting taken care of!

Travis Thom

Leverage Consumer Behavior To Get More Listings

You start doing things analog-style right? You might do it on your own … then I hit an a-ha moment that I needed an assistant because I’m now starting to do the $12 an hour or the $5 an hour tasks.

Tony Giordano

Ultimate Marketing: Video Mastery

How often do you self-express? That’s how often you should shoot video. Everything is video content. You’d be surprised.

Sean Tagge

TURNKEY TALENT for Turnkey Investing + Property Mgmt.

Whenever you are training a Virtual Assistant, turn on Zoom, click the record button, and just record the whole training session with them. Copy that video onto an excel spreadsheet with the whole training manual and with conversations of the issues. If an employee leaves and finds another one. They’ll just watch all the videos, and they get 90% of what we have set in the past!

Rock Thomas


As humans, we all want to connect, but most of us have a little place where we can contribute back to other people. So if you’re building a business you’re on your own and you’re really good at what you do, start a mastermind group around that. Build your wealth that way.

Patrick Johnson

Quality Talent Acquisition: The Process & Systems for Predictable Results!

Identify what you’re looking for and your culture, then start finding candidates, evaluate them and hire them. However, there is one big difference between trying to hire salespeople or healthcare workers, which is a big one right now. I want the best. It is not just I am evaluating them, but they’re evaluating me. That’s another thing that you have to consider.

Michael Maher

Michael Maher’s Referral Mastery System

If you want a client from who you want more business, then go to the people who are most likely to help you, which is going to be the people who know your clients: people who know you. But here’s the other thing on that. There’s an inward rule: We’re not going to grow our database outside and we’re not going to take strangers and try to convert them to friends. We’re going to take our friends and have them introduce connect and refer us to their friends and this causes this huge mushroom effect of growing and growing from the inside out!

Marvin Mitchell

Marvin Mitchell: Making a 20x ROI with Virtual Assistants!

I was just meeting with a client. It was actually a new prospect that just became a client. So this person was set by a virtual professional who has a 15-minute appointment set. We call that person, we would have never gotten in touch with that person had it not been for the virtual professional setting in a particular appointment just close that case about a half-hour ago right before the call. What that will pay me to give you an example on that $2 million. It’s going to pay me a revenue of about $43,000 and you think about that. I pay what it’s about $21,000 per year for a virtual assistant, we have 2. So basically, that one client just paid for both virtual assistants!

Knolly Williams

Houses Don’t Have To Be Seen To Be Sold – Virtual Real Estate Selling with Knolly Williams

You know, when I was 23, I started my first business. It has home-based. I want to be wherever, like you know, Costa Rica and then to Hawaii for a month. And so, how can I do that without it affecting my income? So that was kind of my big why of how I started working with virtual assistants.

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