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The US labor crisis still plagues us. In fact, it’s getting worse. What is your company doing to survive the 2022 labor crisis? This isn’t hyperbole or sensationalism; it’s grounded in facts and supported by data. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released data to the public at the beginning of May that revealed 11.5 million job openings existed in March of this year, 2022. It also reported that a record 4.5 million American workers quit their jobs. As of right now, we have two job openings for one available worker here in the US. So even if every single person looking for work took one of those available jobs, half of them would still remain unfilled. But then you must remember that a lot of unemployed people are being exceptionally picky about where they go next. Further straining the search for reliable professionals to fill the gaps at businesses just trying to stay afloat. So, what’s next? How do we solve this nationwide problem?

Understanding The Situation

Before we can even begin to talk about how to fix the problem, we must first understand the problem. The workforce and economy have been through a historic disruption over the last two years due to the pandemic. Our very ways of life have been changed, in some cases permanently. From how we line up at the store to how we interview for a life-changing job; it may be an overused quote but this truly is the new normal. Meanwhile, workers and businesses are rebuilding and reevaluating. Everyone is trying to get a foothold and ensure their own survival during these unprecedented times. So the first step to getting through this is acknowledging that and respecting how it affected all walks of life. 

“The U.S. now has nearly double the number of open jobs than we have available workers. This is unprecedented to have this kind of extreme mismatch between open jobs and people to fill those jobs,” – U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley. 

As of March, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.6%. According to the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is going down(3.8% as of the start of March). However, the number of people not actively seeking work remains high; at about 99 million people according to the Census Household Pulse Survey. While the pandemic seems to be slowing down, inflation making the dollar worth less isn’t doing our economy any favors. So why is it so hard to find reliable professionals these days? In a recent business survey, 19% of HR professionals said they need to increase benefits and compensation for current and new talent. But money isn’t the number one attractor. Plenty of people are struggling to make ends meet right now. But many still aren’t jumping at every opportunity to fix that. Why is that?

Your Place in The Crisis

Of those 4.5 million people who quit recently, the most significant impact was in the professional and business services sector, as well as construction. What do those roles have in common? They both include a lot of busy work. Things like customer support, data entry, research, accounts payable and receivable, cold calling, front desk, etc. The kinds of jobs that most folks see as entry level, while their eyes are set on something more akin to their specific skillsets. The problem now that has presented itself is that a lot of the people who filled those roles before have made certain realizations during this pandemic. Like that their job can be done entirely from home with no negative impact on their productivity. So with more companies starting to require hybrid schedules or even full-time presence back at the office, these people don’t want to put themselves at risk or waste their time for anything less than a step up. 

What You Can Do Right Now

Improving the quality of jobs in our country is an economic imperative. We cannot continue to take our workforce for granted. The worker shortage is a very real and important challenge. It’s impacting the country’s ability to ease supply chain disruptions, get inflation under control and continue our economic recovery. You can do your part to do so, by better delegating those busy work tasks I mentioned above. Stop forcing people to come into your office just to answer phones or work on their PC. We have phones and computers at home, we have access to faster internet, and we’re more comfortable hustling in the privacy and safety of our houses. And that safety extends to you too. With team members working at home you have less risk of exposure, office drama, insurance liabilities, and other overhead expenses. Let the busy work be done remotely so that you can allocate expenses and effort to improving the work experience for your more specialized roles that have to come in. It’s a win/win for everyone. 


Why We’re Part of The Solution

Right now the problem facing our nation is getting available workers to want to do the work we have available. No one wants to spend expensive gas to drive to the office, to do mundane busy work they could just as easily complete at home. This is when you start outsourcing those tasks to reliable professionals who already work remotely. We provide exactly that to thousands of businesses, including some Fortune 500 corporations. Our virtual assistants go through a very rigorous background check and hiring process before we add them to our pool of available professionals. We know that when it comes to hiring someone you’ve never met in person, people typically have concerns about reliability and the quality of work. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our virtual assistants are always up to par and have very little chance of disappointing a valued customer, and thus embarrassing us. 

What We Do For You

Not only is it hard to find a viable employee right now, but when you do it takes on average over a month just to get them clocked in. And then more weeks to fully onboard them. We are able to match employers with a virtual assistant(or a few) chosen specifically for their needs within a week. Getting them onboarded is yet another week or more. These folks learn fast and are hungry for the opportunity. Our virtual assistants also have access to the same quality equipment and internet as anyone local. They have previous experience and training and often have specific education too. This means that while we are emphasizing their value in lightening your load of busy work, they also can often do more advanced remote tasks too. Like marketing, design, account management, and a variety of real state industry tasks as well. They are also all hooked up to our proprietary tracking application called MyTimeIn. This software of ours allows employers to keep close tabs on their virtual assistants. So if you’ve read enough and have questions now, use that link below. You can request a 1 on 1 session with one of our experts, for some direct Q&A. No obligations, no pressure, just your questions, and our answers. If your business is being held back, we can see if what we offer is a good fit for you. And then go from there.

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