A lot has happened in our company within the past 5 months.  We hired and fired and hacked out a budget for the next year, and to tell you the truth, the only fun part was watching our ranks of Virtual Assistants grow and the networking side of the business. But alas, no business is all fun, and some things we don’t enjoy doing actually bring the results we desire.

At one of the events, I met with a prospective client.  He had tried to hire a Virtual Assistant in the past and had some bad luck.  It turns out, MyOutDesk came to him by word of mouth.  His friend had been Outsourcing with us for 3 months now, and he mentioned that his friend was absolutely in love with his Virtual Assistant, nothing better than a word of mouth referral. So I knew that MyOutDesk and our unique approach to hiring Virtual Assistants could help him.  Why we do things differently is basically easy to answer:

We want every broker to find the same success we have in our own Real Estate companies through Outsourcing.  We’re invested in our clients’ success, and so are their Virtual Assistants — this is not true of other Virtual Assistant companies.

Many Outsourcing sites boast a lot about their Virtual Assistants – slogans of a talented workforce and a dollar paid is a dollar worked. Still, those sites have a nifty screen tracker that takes a picture of the Virtual Assistant’s work and expects you to piece together whether or not the work is done.  I know this because I have used those sites, too.

Our Virtual Assistants see the future vision that my brother, Daniel Ramsey, and I have in mind for this company. Through annual Christmas parties, training conferences, a dedicated HR department, Healthcare benefits, and regular bonuses tied for performance — it isn’t always the pay that keeps an employee happy and working for the common health of a company. They must believe, connect and prosper.

Hiring the right person is the key, not seeing what they do every second of the day!

My sister-in-law Whitney shared this link with me.  It’s a video from Simon Sinek on How great leaders inspire action.  It made me excited to realize that our company already operates under the concept of many great companies.  I strongly recommend you all to watch it as it is beneficial to any business owner.

MyOutDesk, more than any company offering Virtual Assistants, is made up of that idea. We are a company of people. That is what makes us unique, and that is why we have done so well in helping brokers and agents transfer from a physical office into a virtual office.

The agent I was speaking to wasn’t successful in outsourcing his office because he was the only one trying.
With MyOutDesk, we are a team — and we want you to rely on us. And as a team, we will believe and try with you until we achieve success.

Imagine waking up in the morning, and a Virtual Assistant has already logged into your computer, checked your email, and has prepared you and yourself for the rest of the day. Imagine sipping your coffee to see the day’s appointments come through, each reminder and event organized virtually. This can be a serious breath of fresh air.

Through our dedicated Virtual Assistants, you have someone on your team who is happy to be there for the next 20 years – and that is serious leverage. Should I even ask you to imagine the issues of having a physical employee with you for the next 20 years?

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today, and you will find an owner or invested Virtual Assistant to answer your calls.  We will not only answer your questions but also determine what type of business you are doing and what type of help you need from us.  You will get — not a monotonous agent with spiels — but someone who sincerely cares and is motivated to provide quality service at a price that you can afford.