Do you want to learn from industry leader Knolly Williams about listing success? Do you want to know how to focus on your listings and get your business to thrive? Knolly Williams has helped Realtors® all over the nation get the life they deserve with training geared to getting more listings and making more profit while working 30 hours a week or less. Watch this exclusive webinar and get his eBook called “Why Focus on Listings?”— a curated excerpt from his book “Success with Listings,” as well as three training/coaching videos.

Knolly Williams has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Newsweek, and over 300 newspapers worldwide. He is an Author, Trainer, National Speaker, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker, and Pastor of the Front Row Church. Knolly has been a consistent top-performing Real Estate Broker and has coached tens of thousands of people worldwide, and his vision is to see you living your life to your fullest potential.

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Building a Listings Pillar for your Real Estate Business

When you’re talking about listings, the first thing you have to do to succeed in the game is to decide that listings are what you want. Listings aren’t what every agent wants. Some agents love working with buyers. What’s the number one way to get more buyers? That’s to have more listings. The more listings you have, the more buyers you’re going to have; if you will focus on listings and make that your primary focus, make that your one thing in the real estate game, it will reward you with the life of your dreams. What do we mean by the life of your dreams?  This means, how would you like to make a quarter million or more a year, take several vacations a year and be debt-free?

Your Sphere of influence

After talking to many people, Knolly says that taking a blended approach works best. Knowing the place and space for spending on buying leads, marketing, buying ads, etc., is essential to building that listings pillar in your business. The reality is you don’t have to pay for leads until you’re maximizing every single opportunity that you currently have. That means, number one, utilizing your sphere of influence. Seven out of 10 people that you close will be people in your sphere. So that’s 70% of your paycheck. So if you’re going to make 100,000 this year, 70,000 will come from that one bucket. This also means getting referrals from your sphere of influence and getting reviews as well. Your sphere of influence is your first and most powerful arsenal in your business. Once you realize it and start utilizing it, you are well on your way to that dream life. The first answer is never to spend. As we mentioned early, there is a time and space where that will be needed. Leveraging your sphere of influence correctly is important. You want to make sure that you have exhausted every opportunity and wrangle every bit of business you can from here before you even consider any other strategy.

Creating a Cause

The business has to have a heart. Creating a cause behind your business will not only help it thrive, but it will give you a purpose and a greater sense of achievement. People who do business usually love people and are not simply driven by sales but by a love for serving others. Connecting with other people to drive towards a similar goal that serves a greater good is a great way to make connections and expand your sphere of influence.

Be Accountable

Creating a cause and working with your sphere of influence creates accountability for yourself and your business. While earning that money to go on your vacations is great, knowing that you are accountable for things beyond your wealth is a great driving motivation. By being accountable, you have a driving force that goes beyond just sales, and this will cause you and the people in your sphere to be more inspired.

Leveraging a Virtual Assistant for your Listings

There are 46 steps in every listing, but you only have to do three of those steps as a listing specialist. That means over 90% of all the activities can be delegated to someone else. And who is that someone else? A Virtual Assistant!

Now keep in mind that a virtual assistant isn’t a “plug and play” device – it will take time and patience to get your VA keyed into the point where they can function with minimal supervision. However, investing time in training your virtual assistant will produce excellent results. MyOutDesk is unique in that we offer a substantial support system for all our virtual assistant services. Not only is there intensive training before we endorse them to any client, but throughout the course of their career, they have a team of people in place to help with additional training they might need, to act as a resource for all the tasks they need to accomplish and to interact with you and ensure that you and your business are seeing the benefits to having your virtual assistant on your team.

Anything and everything that an employee can do without being physically present can be done by your real estate virtual assistant. Three major areas that they can be utilized in are marketing, administrative work, and sales calls. With all of these different aspects being handled for you, you can truly take the time to focus on constantly excelling at what you do best.

Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and find out how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can support you to boost your business.