MyOutDesk + RingCentral/Glip

By: Abby | Updated: November 4, 2016
ring central with myoutdesk and a businesswoman working at a laptop

MyOutDesk has been around since 2008, and one thing we continually strive for is excellence; one way to achieve that is by growth and improvement. Over the years, MyOutDesk has gone through many changes, improving our staffing, set-ups, and systems.

One major change this year has been switching over to RingCentral’s GLIP. The description from their website reads:  “Glip gives you team collaboration built around real-time messaging with integrated task management, video conferencing, shared calendars, and more.” Glip was acquired by RingCentral in June 2015 and is included with RingCentral Office.

Recently, Glip published a case study on MyOutDesk, discussing how we have been utilizing the program to manage our work and systems betters.

Glip has been a great tool for MyOutDesk and has greatly benefited us, both internally and in dealing with our valued clients. The interface makes it easy to send documents and other materials back and forth. Many neat features include assigning tasks, creating annotations on images, video conference calls, and so much more.

Glip is also very safe and allows for close monitoring in circumstances where it is needed. MyOutDesk has tried other platforms similar to Glip, and none have come close to the versatility and convenience that it provides.

In our industry, communication is essential. So is the ability and ease in collaborating and synergizing with all the members of the team. Glip’s many wonderful features allow for this ease and availability even though many of us are hundreds of miles away from each other.

MyOutDesk is highly reliant on communication, and Ring Central and Glip have become indispensable elements in bridging the gaps.

For more information on Ring Central and Glip, click here.