So, let’s talk about life and living it.

I am writing this blog on my way to Las Vegas.

Yes, it’s a Thursday. Yes, people are working at my office – at my office, not in my office.

In fact, if you walk into MyOutDesk, LLC or Home Realty USA, you might find the only lights on in the place are the luminous blue computer power lights, where my virtual team is logged in processing data, making phone calls, sending contracts, and researching what I can do in Las Vegas for the next three days.

I have adopted this lifestyle. I knew others were living it and became extremely jealous. I don’t see myself as the high-profile power broker, booking weekend trips on a private jet. I am more like the Jet Blue customer that has my account set up for alerts when a good deal to anywhere is announced. I am not a millionaire contractor, but if I can make a decent profit for a flip that may take me 3 months to complete and cover half of the year’s expenses so I can take a vacation with my kids, I will do it.

Outsourcing my business has given me an edge and allowed me to live the life I want to live and own a worth owning business.

4 years ago, I lived from closing to closing. There were months that I sat back, calculated the closings, and told myself, “Hey, if this one doesn’t close, we pay the mortgage on the credit card.”

Have you been there?

I met Lily through an outsourcing website. She was signed up and had a great profile. I spoke to her and immediately felt at ease with our personalities and work styles. She didn’t pressure me but had a great follow-up. She also had experience running companies in the past.

The 2 physical employees I had in the office were always complaining about paperwork and taking extended lunches at their leisure. They usually lasted about 8 months to a year before moving to a higher paying job or asking to become a realtor themselves. The physical employees I had were not as smart, educated, or motivated as Lily seemed to be, so I hired her.

The interview

“So Lily, tell me about your last job; anything from your experiences there that will help you here?”

“I think so, Jason. I pretty much ran my boss’ business for him.”

I was happy to hear that.

“Why did you quit?”

“I got tired, he had 200 employees I was directly responsible for them, there was just too much work, and I never saw myself being more than his employee.”

My mental wheels just hit 85 miles per hour. I was not used to finding talent like this.

A freelance is a good option for outsourcing. You can find a decent virtual assistant – if you’re lucky.

I was lucky to have found Lily. When I tried to find another virtual assistant just like her, I failed – 4 times! The candidates were either not qualified, not reliable, or wanted to do only contract work. I tried to call the freelancing/outsourcing site – NO ANSWER. I sent an email – NO ANSWER.

I told Lily about my frustrations, and she told me, “Jason, let me place an ad and visit some companies to do some headhunting for you.”

“Really? Ok, I will pay you a bonus if we can find someone good within 1 week.”

That conversation took place Thursday; by Monday morning, I had 10 interviews.

I called my brother, a broker in Sacramento, who said that he needed 3 people.

I told him to keep things quiet, but he said, “it’s too big. We have to tell everyone and get set up,”

And so… MyOutDesk was born.

Dan wanted to share this with all of our contacts and other entrepreneurs. We knew they would benefit as much as we both had from outsourcing. Soon thereafter, our numbers of virtual assistants grew, and as time went on, clients referred other clients. The business I had stumbled onto grew into a reputable way to do more with less for any Realtor anywhere.

I vowed to take a fresh approach. I wasn’t going to collect money from clients and not be able to hold their hands when they were in the same position I was – needing a good employee, needing to save money, and needing a personal touch.

I have a relentless drive to help others find their perfect Virtual Assistant. You need a partner when you begin hiring overseas, not just a website.

MyOutDesk prides itself on our customer service. With us, there is no automated call that won’t get returned. No email inbox to nowhere.

We know Real Estate, and we know how to Outsource a Real Estate office; we don’t pretend to know how to do everything. So, give me a call today to get your business on track.