If businesses are trying to access the new PPP cash relief and they want to keep their employees, this is the advice you need from an HR perspective!

MyOutDesk CEO Daniel Ramsey is with Xenium HR President Anne Donovan, and they discuss HR leadership tips when business is pivoting in today’s new market. Today, we’re all about canceling the fears of business owners with professional coaching advice. The new economy is new for all of us, so having a leadership coach somebody that you can use as a sounding board and bounce ideas.

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Tune in on leadership tips on:

  • The new PPP Package — Balancing Shelter-in-Place rules and wanting to pay your employees
  • People Pivot — How to lead through the crisis with your people, keep them or lay them off/furlough + How to connect to the workforce virtually & keeping culture flowing
  • Furlough — Kept on benefits, still on benefits (hybrid before lay-off)
  • Workshare — We need all employees, no one is laid off but reduced schedules and they get unemployment pay for fewer hours
  • Have a daily and weekly huddle — people need to be grounded, staying connected with the people you furloughed/laid off with your team. They’re not forgotten and still tethered to your business Check in on a human level — not promising but keeping the human relation

Xenium HR is a human resource company and PEO (professional employer organization). They also do a lot of training and development and organizational development with compensation design and leadership coaching. So really, their brand is about human resources for the small to the mid-sized business community.

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