What’s your contingency plan for the coronavirus? If you have to close locations, have staff out sick, or you’re otherwise impacted by this, do you have a plan in place to deal with it & recover? The market will likely get worse before it gets better, so if you aren’t ready yet, now is the time to get prepared!

In this webinar with Nora O’Brien, the CEO of Connect Consulting Services, you’ll learn about how her organization takes a holistic approach to emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Watch this webinar now, and make MyOutDesk virtual assistants a key part of your strategy – schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session now!

As a preparedness & disaster recovery coach, Nora’s team supports their clients to prepare for, learn the skills to respond to, and recover from disaster through customized and effective emergency preparedness planning, training, and exercise services.

Creating a plan and having one in place is crucial to ensuring that you survive the challenging & turbulent market ahead. Be ready for unexpected challenges coming from unknown quarters as we deal with retail panics, stock market dips, staff illness, and other concerns.

Connect Consulting Services prepares organizations throughout the United States to be disaster resilient as they prepare, respond, and recover from an emergency. They are specialists in guiding our clients through an interactive planning process as they build EP program infrastructure, produce customized emergency operations and business continuity plans, and tailored training and exercise programs.

Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session now, and drill down on doing your one thing to the absolute best of your abilities.