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When deciding to outsource for your calls, we know that accents can be a concern. Therefore, MyOutDesk outsources solely to the Philippines. There are many reasons why we do so; however, the Filipino’s ability to speak excellent English with a neutral accent is definitely one of them.

The Philippines is currently ranked #14 out of 88 countries globally on the English proficiency index and is ranked number 2 in Asia as of 2018.

Many students from other countries, such as Korea and Japan, to name a few, travel to the Philippines to either study in the Universities there or to learn English. Multiple online tutorial companies thrive in the Philippines that cater to many nationalities around the world. However, the country is united by its proficiency in the English language because, despite its 7,107 islands and equal if not more dialects, English is widely spoken and is the medium of instruction in most schools.

Because of the Philippines ’ rich history, one will find that a majority of Filipinos have a neutral accent when speaking English. Coupled with their proficiency with the language, the Philippines favored numerous companies (some Fortune 500 even) to outsource their customer support call centers. As a result, the BPO or Business Process Outsourcing industry has seen a steady increase over the Philippines, edging out other countries such as India and China.

Not only do Filipinos have a neutral accent and high proficiency in English, but as a nation, Filipinos are heavy consumers of western culture and are quite well versed in cultural subtleties and minutiae, giving them the flexibility and wisdom needed when dealing with customers and their different concerns.

So, what does this mean for your business? Our talented Real Estate ISA’s are ready to make your prospecting calls to ensure that your pipeline is always flowing. Their accents will be the least of your worries because we only pick the best of the best. A majority of our ISAs have previous BPO experience and have expertise in making sales calls. Our pool is composed of fantastic talent that will ensure that your leads are being called, nurtured, and followed upon.

Our ISA’s skills coupled with their knowledge of the Real Estate industry and awareness of the culture can benefit your business because you get a virtual assistant who is not only talented but has the tools and savvies to be able to help you get to the stage where you can close those deals.

If you spend the time to get your ISA well versed in your business and understand your goals, they can have a huge, positive impact on your business’ Growth.

Don’t just take our word for it!

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