Play, Pause, Do – Train a Real Estate Virtual Assistant like a Pro!

By: Abby | Updated: April 18, 2019
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“I’d like to double my business, but I don’t have time to train anyone!”

Leaders know that if they want to Double Their Business, the only way to do that is through Leverage! The top 3% of Realtors know that you can and will double with the right systems (tools) and Processes (Play-Pause-Do). However, we’ve heard it over and over again, “I don’t have the time to train a Virtual Assistant!” Well, we have a time-tested, step-by-step process that works so that you—training your Virtual Assistant and Double. We have come up with a method called through the knowledge and wisdom we’ve gained from serving over 7500 clients in the past 15 years.

How to Train Your Virtual Assistant

We highly recommend that you craft a virtual “playbook” for your Virtual Assistant. Don’t worry; this benefits your business in general as well. What is it exactly? It’s step-by-step documentation that outlines each of your processes and what to do when things go awry. So how do you do that? The answer is simple, document your systems while you use them. Systems run businesses, and people run systems. So if you have a well-documented process for your systems, you will be able to train the right person to operate those systems as flawlessly as possible.

Ensure that aside from having written standard operating procedures or manuals for each task that your Virtual Assistant needs to perform, you still give them actual, formal training. You cannot hand them the guides and expect them to be able to execute tasks flawlessly. Instead, you need to invest time and train them formally on your systems and tasks and use your guides as supplemental materials they can refer to—you should also make yourself available to answer any questions and clarifications your Virtual Assistant might have in the training process.

Play, Pause, Do.

Here’s where our method comes in. Avoid repetitive mistakes and avoid making unpleasant and counterproductive assumptions, like, “they should have known that” or “I’ve already taught you how to do that”—try the Play, Pause, Do method. Play, Pause, Do requires that every standard operating procedure in your “playbook” has a video associated with the written documentation for an employee to refer back to. Play, Pause, Do allows an employee who may have gone through two or more weeks of training to go back to the documented procedures and complete tasks directly from there.

One great advantage of having these video recordings is that they are references that now exist forever. You can continue to use these when you expand and take on more staff, and it will be available for them when they need it. In addition, you can keep these privately in your library—a shared drive like Google Drive or Dropbox, wherein only those with set permissions can access them or have them up on your YouTube account with the same parameters.

Why is all this documentation so necessary? You see, to thoroughly learn and understand something, it must be studied more than once. Only 55% of face-to-face communication is fully understood. That means that 45% of what you are saying may not be fully understood when you are communicating. So no matter how intelligent and talented people are, it always helps to be able to reinforce what you are teaching and give resources for them to be successful—realizing and accepting that you need to provide this clarity and these resources will help you in your success with your Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Also, keep in mind that spending the time to train your team members properly is an investment that will bring infinite returns in the future and guarantee the growth of your business.

Systems to Train a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

Now that you have your playbook in place, along with your Play, Pause, Do videos, all that’s left is taking the time to find someone who is genuinely a good fit in your business. Then, search for a good match with your talent who you will take the time to train well—ensuring that they are equipped with the best tools, and you can look forward to doubling your business and have more time to live your best life.

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