Preparing for COVID-20 — A Strategic Advisor’s Approach | Matt Lowman at Integrity HR Management & Daniel Ramsey at MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants

By: Jeremy | Updated: May 14, 2020


It’s not COVID-19 I’m worried about. Now it’s COVID-20″

In Boerne, TX, right outside San Antonio, there is a unique organization that is doing EXACTLY what they ought to be doing for their clients in this unique year of navigating through the COVID-19 crisis. Matt Lowman at Integrity HR Management shares, “I have every interest aligned with helping my clients grow and doing that as efficiently and effectively as possible.” 

Matt personally knows his clients — every single one. As a Professional Employee Organization (PEO), Integrity HR Management brings 75 companies together in order to get volume deals for health insurance, workers’ compensation, and more.

What makes this PEO so unique is that they partner alongside each business client as a real strategic consultant, only serving a cap of 75 larger businesses, so that they get to intimately know each business, their lives, their goals, whether they’re trying to eventually exit in short-term, or whether they’re trying to build a business that lasts in perpetuity (or become employee-owned).


“I feel like our [PEO & HR] industry has kind of been hurt by its own success, a little bit in terms of how if you’re in 48 states with 4,000 clients — they just can’t provide good HR at that level — rather they are reactionary. They can take a phone call and answer a question, but they don’t get to know that person. They don’t know how the business operates. They can’t be proactive.”


Integrity HR Management is more of a strategic advisor. “We are able to come alongside them from an HR perspective — both from a transactional HR, but also from a strategic HR perspective and walk with them.”

A Strategic Advisor’s Approach: Preparing for COVID-20 Today

We’re going to get through this one, so get ready for the next one now. Consider your net cash reserves. Do you have enough revenue streams coming into your business, or is it so siloed in one platform or one source of revenue?

“We have a really phenomenal team of people. We’ve got some directors here from an HR standpoint, from a risk management standpoint. Our benefits team is literally world-class. I mean, some of these people are the best I’ve ever seen. And they’re in there with these clients, fighting alongside in this environment. 


What are some of the biggest challenges you’re solving for business right now?

From a strategic advisor standpoint, we are asking clients:

  • In a business perspective, what are you learning from this experience?
  • What will the next crisis look like? Do you have enough cash resources? Be in the position that you don’t have to take out money to survive if it happens again.
  • Beg to think, “What comes out of this? “How is business going to work after this?”
  • “How do we come back to work? What’s the new normal like?”

We are identifying the skeleton crew, appropriate distancing standards & vigilant hand-washing schedules, and letting people work remotely.


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Be prepared by getting in touch with the right strategic partners


Matt Lowman at IntegrityHR Management & we at MyOutDesk are giving back by helping people & businesses NAVIGATE the crisis— we see it as our civic duty to stay productive.

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