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Propertyware: A Complete Guide for 2021

This guide provides an overview of Propertyware, a property management software for landlords and property managers. It covers its features, pricing, and benefits, as well as tips for choosing the right plan and getting the most out of the software.

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Do you need help getting started with using Propertyware? Here is a complete guide to help you get everything set up quickly.

It’s not easy trying to manage properties. Between maintenance calls, tenant screenings, tax filings, marketing, and so much else — it can get hectic. Luckily, Propertyware is here to help you make the most out of your property, helping tenants and owners alike.

It uses a web-based platform available nearly everywhere and comes equipped with useful tools for almost everything. You can make it a core part of your business to watch your productivity your profits soar at a time when it seems impossible.

Keep reading below to learn more about this fantastic tool!

The Best Propertyware Tutorial is One You Can Follow

If you searched for property management tools, you’ve probably encountered thousands of results. There are tons of companies all vying for your business, claiming to be the best. The truth is simple though — the best tool is the one that you can use.

Propertyware is meant to be as user-friendly as possible. The tool is web-based, which means you don’t have to fear ever losing your data or changing your device. Your data, and your tenants, are saved on a secure server so you can access it anywhere.

It even includes virtual assistant services! And with a user interface that is approachable and pleasing, Propertyware is simply the best tool out there to grow your business.

Bring Your Property Into the Internet Age With Portals

One of the best features of Propertyware is the fact that it includes portals for owners and tenants. These are invaluable ways for tenants to pay rent, file maintenance reports, and stay in contact with you. With the click of a button, you two can message each other in seconds.

It’s useful to be able to connect with each other in case of issues come up. And when tenants can pay rent easily, they are going to be happier about where they live!

Market Your Properties With the Click of a Button

Marketing can be a challenge for many property owners. Not only do these face ample competition in a harsh market, but many people simply don’t have the money to invest in new property. To attract new tenants, you need to be savvy with your marketing.

The program will present you with marketing info about the properties you manage, which you can easily use to prepare materials!

Maintain Relationships With Maintenance Options

The tool includes a way for tenants to file maintenance issues without ever having to speak to anyone. As soon as something comes up, they can notify you and your maintenance team. It means that issues won’t spread in your property, and your tenants will be happier to see issues fixed quickly!

There is Propertyware Help Online if You Run Into Trouble

The best part about Propertyware is the fact that there is tons of help available in case you run into any issues with the program. No company gets to where Propertyware is without standing by its product. If you have trouble with a part of the program or need help using it, you can contact their customer support.

All you need to do is file a ticket with them describing your issue. An experienced member of the team will get back to you and help you with whatever it is!

Knowing How to Use Propertyware Puts You Ahead of the Competition

The best part of Propertyware is that it puts you ahead of the competition. The only way to beat your competition is to use better tools than them and collect more information about the market. Propertyware does exactly that and helps you make better decisions with your property.

It also works best when paired with other kinds of marketing software. For that, we’re here. Just keep reading our website to learn how to best manage your property and market it to new tenants!

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