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Ready to learn about Digital Marketing? Follow this quick guide to get started. It is easy and will help you create form a foundational marketing plan that optimizes the effectiveness of your efforts.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Digital marketing is fast, efficient, and incredibly effective, but at the same time, it has grown to be so dense that it isn’t always clear what you should do next. Are you stuck? What are the right steps to take? This article will help answer those questions and more with a graphic guide outlining some key steps in digital marketing.

In addition to an easy-to-read list for just about everything from social media to email campaigns, this guide also includes handy tips on how long each step should take.

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What are good roles for growing a digital marketing team?

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Email marketing (mass emailing)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – Improve ranking in search engine results page(SERP)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) – Pay for visibility in search engines/Pay per click(PPC)
  • Mobile marketing – Mobile app and mobile site
  • Social media marketing(SMM)
  • Content Marketing – Generate and distribute relevant content.
  • Digital PR – Public Relations. Run campaigns that attract attention to your website and brand on search engines, major publications, social networks, etc.
  • Other promoters – You can also hire promoters who will help you get more customers or more leads for your business.

As you grow, you should consider adding other roles like a customer support person and also a quality assurance coordinator.

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Digital Marketing Toolkit Checklist

Style Guide

This guide will be published in the form of a style guide developed by your Editorial Team. Our style guides contain instructions for printing formats, paper sizes, media placement, etc.

Editorial Calendar

This tool will be published in the form of a calendar developed by your marketing team. This calendar will help streamline your output and make sure that all of your campaigns are planned to maximize ROI. The calendar will also help you plan what types of content you’ll be sharing and when helping you create a consistent voice and visual identity for your brand.

(Product/Service) Marketing Plan

A marketing plan will help you create a roadmap of activities that your marketing team needs to perform in order to get your organization up and running and prepare you for future campaigns. The primary employee tasks with the creation of the plan would ideally be someone who has experience with the topic, or someone who managed other digital teams, such as social media, email campaigns, etc.

Social Media Marketing Plan

With social media channels growing, it’s becoming more important for brands to get involved. A marketing plan is a good starting point for talking with social media experts and creating a plan for uploading content, scheduling posts, etc.

Email Marketing Campaign Planner

Email marketing is a perfect platform for businesses of any size to keep their brand at the top of mind. An email marketing campaign plan will be helpful when you’re trying to determine the right type of content, tone/language, frequency, and engagement that can help give your brand an edge.

Email Marketing Software

Using email marketing software will help your team stay organized. Signature creation, tabbing and tagging for links, auto-responders, etc. can be handled with ease in email marketing software.

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We hope this guide inspires you to get started on your digital marketing plan and provides you with the reassurance that there are steps to take and a blueprint to follow.


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