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Is it worth the investment of time, money & upkeep to build a website for each new property listing? While it’s tempting to drill down on your marketing & push hard on every property, it creates clutter, which makes this a good time to go ‘Marie Kondo’ on those extra websites you’ve been building.

Let’s assess the traditional methods we have been using and figure out if they still fit in with your strategies and if they provide you optimum results with the current shifts in the way people consume information. While flashy new Real Estate marketing trends like Matterport tours, drone videos, mobile format advertising, Social Media, etc, etc, are dominating the space, are more traditional marketing platforms like single property websites still worth your time and resources?

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A few important things to take note of is that while something like single property websites (SPW) may seem passé to the modern person, certain generations such as the baby boomers and even Gen X-er’s and gen Y-er’s, (the latter who have home-owner power and the latter, a rise in buying power) will still be comfortable with this format. Another noteworthy fact about SPW is that it allows a potential buyer to focus on one property at a time. The goal is to make clicking on the ‘contact us’ button as easy as humanly possible for your audience. Reducing friction is one of the most common ways to guide people to click where you want them to. That means the fewer distractions they have on the page, the more likely they are to contact you. This is where an SPW shines. Furthermore, it is A, an inexpensive way to make a professional-looking marketing piece, and B is still a great piece of material for a listing presentation.

That being said, there are also quite a few arguments to make as to why single property listings may no longer be worth it, moving forward.

Single Property Websites may not be a “one-size-fits-all” option

These days, SPW’s seem to really only make sense for historic or luxury listings. That’s why you’ll find many high-end homes or historic homes have their own sites. If the home you are listing has multiple unique features, breathtaking vistas, and stunning views then, of course, they would not only deserve but need an individual page to highlight these things. However, a 2 bedroom ranch-style home that is nice but is more standard may not need an SPW.

You might be wasting your traffic

Traffic to your website that is. Getting traffic to your website can be a tricky thing in itself. Having one or more single property websites may be taking that precious traffic away from your main site. You can focus on getting more eyeballs on your main website and still add content on it that curates listings. The best part is, since you can have multiple pages on your website, you can be more creative and find an enticing way to feature your listings like in a blog post or a video.

They might be pointless

Odds are that when someone visits your SPW, they have already been looking at the property previously, It is also highly likely that there is another source of information for the property already in existence. Unless you have something fresh, different, or some information that you know exclusively, your SPW may simply be redundant.

So what does this mean? Should you stop using single property websites altogether? At the end of the day, it’s really up to you and what your marketing strategy looks like. You may want to simply select which properties to create an SPW for or you may want to nix them altogether.

If you do decide to continue creating Single Property Websites, here are some quick tips to keep them optimized.

  1. Make it user-friendly. – Forget all the bells and whistles, make it as straightforward and clean as possible.
  2. Make sure you link to all your channels. – Take advantage of the traffic and make sure that you can be found easily on all your Social Media platforms, website, and other channels.
  3. Make it pretty. – Use beautiful images and layouts, nice font, and other elements that will be pleasing to the eye to encourage exploration.
  4. Make use of testimonials. – If you have any client testimonials, this would be another place you could utilize them! If you don’t, start asking for some.
  5. Make it useful. – Add as much important information as you can to your SPW, you can even offer it as a way to capture their contact info by offering things such as property values for neighboring homes or even a guide to the best restaurants in the area.

Single Property Websites have been a useful tool for many agents for decades. However, with all the innovations in this day and age and the stiff competition in the industry, SPW’s may need to be re-assessed and re-imagined for them to continue to be effective.