A lot of traditional Real Estate Teams struggle with finding someone who can consistently make outbound prospecting calls with a high success rate. In this video, one of our long-time clients Christine Banaga (she’s been with us since 2014) discusses how her Virtual Assistant has been killing it by taking over the outbound prospecting for her Real Estate Business.

After going through many people who would do okay in the beginning and then eventually fall off, Christine got tired of going the traditional route of hiring and hired a Real Estate Virtual Assistant from MyOutDesk. Since her Real Estate ISA was able to focus on getting them business calling out to FSBOs, Expired’s, just listed, just sold and anyone who could potentially bring them business, her success with her virtual assistant has been phenomenal.

How can you use a Real Estate ISA for successful outbound prospecting?

  1. Find the right person- Finding the right fit is essential. Your Real Estate Virtual assistant should not only have the kind of personality and skills that will match the culture of your team and business, but they should also have the strengths to complement yours and to supplement and pain points. At MyOutDesk for example, we use a tool called Market force which is an assessment tool that both our clients and our virtual assistants take to determine their working styles. This is how we match talent for talent.
  2. Have the best toolsProviding the best tools for your team is another vital component to ensuring that your Real Estate virtual assistant can perform at their optimal capacity. Christine, for example, uses tools such as Mojo dialer, Top Producer and Skype (to name a few). Her Real Estate ISA can complete at least 40 callouts within four hours and can set at least 2-3 appointments wherein the lead is raising their hand and willing to meet-up.
  3. Training Training is another essential factor in ensuring the success of your Real Estate Virtual Assistant. For a Real Estate ISA, aside from training them to use the systems and tools that you have in place, another great way to train them is to provide scripts and roleplay. This way you can prepare them for any objections they may encounter and guide them on how to execute the scripts. Taking the time to train your Real Estate Virtual Assistant will not only allow you to set clear expectations, but it will empower you to delegate and set the tone for exactly the way you want things done.
  4. AccountabilityAccountability goes both ways for you and your Real Estate Virtual assistant. Installing some sort of time tracking software is recommended for you to have peace of mind. Daily 10-minute morning huddles where you get quick updates on what they have on their plate for their day can be a way for you to ensure that you know what they are working on and weekly meetings to go over results, wins and any roadblocks, are a great way to hear about progress and to see where you are in achieving goals. For your Estate ISA, listening to call recordings and going over any areas for improvement and encourage winning strategies.


A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be a great member of your team, and a Real Estate ISA can give you much success in your outbound prospecting. If you would like to explore your options to gain more leverage and time, schedule a Double Your Business Growth Strategy Session with us today!