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By: Abby | Updated: May 2, 2019
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Are you the CEO of your business? We take pride in being the most reviewed Virtual Assistant company online with almost 800 verified 5-star reviews! With 15 years of experience serving more than  7500 clients and employing over 4000 Virtual Assistants, including half of RealTrends™’ Top 10 teams, MyOutDesk is the trusted Virtual Assistant platform used by the most innovative companies.


Marketing Virtual Assistant

A strong marketing arm is crucial to any business, especially in Real Estate. For example, 50% of home buyers found the home they purchased online! The internet has become the default go-to when purchasing or looking into anything that anyone is interested in. Aside from your traditional marketing strategies, maintaining a strong online presence has never been more crucial and can be a full-time job in itself. Your Social Media, website and blog are the gateways to your business, so they must always be updated. A Marketing Virtual Assistant (VA) can make sure that you have an evident online presence and take care of your other marketing responsibilities.

Take, for example, our very own Social Media expert at MyOutDesk. Diane works with our marketing team and is solely responsible for MyOutDesk’s Social Media. Not only does she ensure that we are consistently churning out good content, but she also focuses on increasing engagement and visibility. For example, in just ONE month, she has fostered an increased engagement of 226% on LinkedIn alone! This increase is from all organic traffic, no paid ads. These are trackable results based on insights pulled from our channels.

Real Estate ISA VA

Prospecting is the lifeblood of our business. If you want a constantly flowing pipeline, you need to ensure that your prospecting and lead generation are consistent. You will find thousands of articles, videos, and material with experts saying that you should be prospecting a lot and often. Unfortunately, the truth is that this often falls to the wayside because there is so much to do. Since cloning yourself is not an option yet, hiring a MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA might be the next best thing. Time won’t be an issue if you have someone dedicated solely to prospecting, lead capture, and even follow-up.

One of our favorite stories is one from our client, Amy. Amy hired one MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA VA named Rex, who has been with her for a year. Rex spends his day manually calling leads with a goal of at least 100 calls a day. He logs his call time every single day and, to date, has clocked in about 84,284 hours. Rex has set 199 appointments, and out of those, Amy has closed 142 transactions. This is 7 million in trackable sales volume and over $200,000 in GCI! Rex’s sense of urgency to ensure that they reach out to those leads has brought extreme value to his client’s business.

Transaction Coordinator

Did you know that NAR figured that it takes 45 hours to complete a transaction from contract to close? 45 hours, about 30 of which are solely spent on paperwork. Imagine the time you could save if you had a Transaction Coordinator to take care of all of that for you. What could you do with the 30 hours that you save for each transaction? Our Transaction Coordinators can handle the entire Transaction Coordination process.  Your Transaction Coordinator will effectively function as a communications liaison and go-between to ensure that all-important communications for each transaction are passed to the correct person & taken action on time to ensure your deals go through!

When Bruce and Michelle Brunk hired their Transaction Coordinator Vignelli, they gave her one task to start with. First, she was trained on how to create their pre-listing packages. Then, when she became extremely familiar with that, they showed her how to update their CRM; today, almost 3 years in, Vignelli has multiple responsibilities, including but not limited to assisting their in-house Listing Manager with transactions and paperwork. Not only does she save them time, but she has actively been able to help them implement new systems and processes that help run the business smoothly!

Administrative Virtual Assistant

As an agent, you get paid to sell homes – not do paperwork. Lose your focus & you’ve lost your commissions – which is why thousands of agents & brokers trust MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants for office administration. The truth of the matter is that Real Estate Agents are not good at focusing on paperwork; however, if these do not get done, then your business will reach a standstill. An Administrative Virtual Assistant is perfect for taking over these responsibilities. All this repetitive but important work that takes your time away from the things that will grow your business should be delegated to someone else.

Top KW agent Ken Wimberly hired a Virtual Assistant to handle his administrative tasks. Melissa’s first job was to manage his inbox, where he gets at least 250 emails a day. From there, she moved on to creating marketing reports and listings management. She also maintains several spreadsheets that are essential to Ken’s business. On top of that, she manages their website and marketing as well. Ken says that his ROI for hiring her is easily and conservatively, at least five to one.

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