Shon Kokoszka

Is your business’ success a “unicorn“? Something you highly desire but find very difficult and almost impossible to obtain? Our special guest, Shon Kokoszka of Icon Coaching, has helped thousands of teams do just that—capture the elusive “unicorn“: earn millions while working a regular 40-hour (or less) work week!

Join us on Thursday, June 27, 2019, at 9 AM Pacific and learn about:

  • The right Org Structure for your Real Estate business,
  • A competitive Compensation Model, and
  • Achieving retention of the “Right Way.”


As a bonus, we’re going through a shift in the industry—Shon will also tell us about the strategy to thrive in a changing market. We’re also giving away Shon’s Leads to Dollars: A Lead Conversion Strategy (normally $99) as an immediate download after the webinar. Just show up and participate, and you get it free for being there.

Shon Kokoszka is a highly-regarded trainer, consultant, and John Maxwell-certified coach for Real Estate agents worldwide. Shon leverages his 25 years of Real Estate sales and marketing experience to increase production.