Rick Kiracofe: Do What You Do Best & Outsource The Rest!

By: Tim | Updated: December 31, 2019

We’re honored to join Rick Kiracofe, the President of Innovative Employer Solutions, who’s going to share you with his top insider tips for attracting, hiring & retaining the absolute best talent for your organization, as well as providing deep insights into the rapid growth of the PEO industry.

Did you know that PEO’s have nearly doubled their client base in the last decade? Rick will explain what makes outsourcing so powerful & how his organization helps companies focus their energies on core deliverables by outsourcing the rest to a PEO.

Rick has a 30-year track record of excellence in management & finance, including experience as the Chief Financial Officer of Human Resources, Inc, a Regional Controller at Fresenius Medical Care, and Integration Management experience at Homecare Concepts of America.

He’s leveraged this experience in his role as President of Innovative Employer Solutions – building & launching the industry’s 2nd PEO outsourcing firm, a position that he’s served in now for over 18 years.

Imagine handing off your payroll, benefits, and Human Resources tasks to a trained, experienced professional organization capable of doing a top-tier job with them for less time investment than you’d put into it yourself.

Now ask yourself what’s holding you back from taking the plunge: why be afraid of letting go of time-wasting busy work that’s just holding you back?

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