Brightstar is a rapidly growing in-home healthcare organization striving to help Americans with quality, affordable assistance – but when it comes to recruiting the best of the best for their organization, which helps them? The company Brightstar trusts to assist their recruiting needs is MyOutDesk.

We’re honored to join Brightstar Fairfax Owner & President Robert W. Massie to learn exactly what led him to leave a successful Fortune 500 executive career to launch a Brightstar Franchise with his wife – and how they’re achieving higher success using virtual assistant recruiting services. So if you want to do the same, schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session now!

Robert is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and a business leader in healthcare, technology sales, and consulting. He has over 25 years of experience in various senior roles and industries. In his current position, he serves as President of Lone Jack Holdings, Inc., dba BrightStar Care of Fairfax- a healthcare services provider serving the Northern Virginia area.

As a CSA, Robert is a leader in helping seniors plan and access the services they need to age in place and choose. He often speaks publicly on the issues and challenges of aging. He is an active leader in several local and national charities- including an advocate role with the American Heart Association and an active member of the Alzheimer’s Association speakers board.

Before starting the BrightStar Care of Fairfax, Robert Massie was as corporate as they come; his goal, similar to many other in the corporate world, was to continue to climb the ladder, year after year. However, when Robert finally reached the near-top of that corporate ladder serving as the Executive Vice President of Sales in a billion-dollar global company, he took a look around. He realized this was not where he wanted to be.

It was at this moment that Robert and his wife Kerry decided to open their own business.

“All of my career life had been building up to this position — and I didn’t like it,” Robert says of the experience. “I wanted to do more with my career, and I wanted to report to someone I actually enjoyed working for — now I can say that’s me … or, rather, my wife.” So schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session now and add a virtual assistant to your team today!