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Whether your business is working remotely or demands a physical workplace, you can promote health & safety today by daily COVID-19 Screenings. (Click here to Download Now)


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Don’t ignore today’s concerns. As an employer and entrepreneur, you can relax anxieties in the workplace by implementing daily screenings. This temporary, everyday routine assures that you are serious in protecting the health and safety of all employees as well as protecting productive business functions. You must ensure that your employees feel safe in these times for your business to thrive.


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The first, local government-mandated guidelines for employers to fight COVID-19 with daily screenings was implemented in Fresno County, California, an important agricultural hub in the state. The county requires employers to perform daily employee screenings to ensure community safety against COVID-19. Do your part and enact this measure in your community right now, even before any city or county orders. Trust us, these efforts won’t go unrecognized.


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Download Screening Checklist Templates

Download checklist templates. These checklists not only screen employees for symptoms but also offer an everyday reminder to practice safe physical distancing and practice good handwashing protocol. The worst-case scenario by ignoring this method is unknowingly spreading the virus in your workplace and losing your workforce in this important time to remain productive.

Word Document (.docx) Files:

  1. Screening Checklist for Employers
  2. Accompanying Daily Health Screen Form for Employees


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